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Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) 2008 M.C.A Fundamentals of computer system - Question Paper

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First Semester FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS (Prior to 2007 Admissions)

Time : 3 Hours    Maximum : 75 Marks

Answer any five questions.

/ All questions carry equal marks.

1.    (a) Explain with a neat sketch, the different functional components of a digital computer ?

(10 marks)

(b) What is a math co-processor ? Explain.    .    (5 marks)

2.    (a) Differentiate static RAM and dynamic RAM ?    (6 marks) (b) Explain DIP, SIMM and DIMM physical memory organization ? (9 marks)

3.    (a) Explain the disk geometry of a Harddisk ? Comment on Head Actuator mechanism.

(7 marks)

(b) Write a brief note on following types of secondary storage devices ?

(i)    CDROM.

(ii)    DVD ROM.    /

(iii)    Floppy disk.

(iv)    Magnetic tape.

(8 marks) (7 marks) (8 marks)

4.    (a) What is booting ? Explain the boot up process ? Explain post ?

(b) Explain the working of any two input devices ?

5.    (a) Define an operating system ? Give any two operating systems with their file structure ?

(4 marks)

(b)    Explain the register organization in a typical microprocessor ?    (7 marks)

(c)    What is PCI ? Explain.    (4 marks)

6.    (a) Give the different components in a Mother board ? Explain BIOS and CMOS. What is a port ?

Explain different types of ports.

(8 marks)

(b) Differentiate IDE and SCSI bus architectures. What is a bus ? Comment on Address, Control and data bus ?

(7 marks)

Turn over

7.    (a) Explain the generation of computers with examples of systems in each generation ?

(7 marks)

(b) Differentiate Micro, Mini, PC, Mainframe and super computers ?    (8 marks)

8.    (a) Write short notes on following :

(i)    Compiler.

(ii)    Loader.

(iii)    Linker.

(6 marks)

(b) Differentiate the following :

(i)    Time sharing and Real Time systems.

(ii)    Multitasking and Multiprocessor systems.

(iii)    Network and Distributed systems.

(9 marks)



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