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Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) 2005 B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering DBMS - Question Paper

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2005 Mahatma Gandhi University B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering DBMS may2005 ques. paper

G1666    (2 pages)    Reg. No..

*    Name......


Fifth Semester    '

Computer Science and Engineering/Information Technology


(New Scheme - 2002 Admission onwards)

Time: Three Hours ,    Maximum; 100 Marks

Part As Answer all questions. Each question carries 4 marks.

   ;j: - .    Part B: Each question carries 12 marks.

Part A

/ 1. Define and. explain the terms data model and database schema.

2.    What is the difference between logical data independence and physical data independence?

3.    Explain the difference between primary key and foreign key.

./ 4. Distinguish between relational algebra and relational calculus.

* -.if):--'.-    - i v: ,

5.    Kxplain the concept of transaction processing system.    1

6.    What are the various transaction models?

7.    Explain functional dependency. Why it cannot be inferred from a particular relation state?

8.    Explain when two set of functional dependencies are equivalent.

9.    What are the advantages of distributed database?

' 10. What is data fragmentation? Why it is a useful concept in distributed database design? .    {10 x 4 = 40 marks)

Part B

11. (a) Describe the three schema in DBMS architecture? Why do we need mapping between schema levels?


(b) Discuss the types of software components that constitute a DBMS. Explain the interaction of DBMS with other system software.

12.    (a) Define and explain update operations of relational data model. Dibcuss how violations

of integrity constraints are handled.


(b) Consider the relation 1

CLASS (Course#, Univ_Sectdon#, Instructor_Name, semester, BuldingCode, Room#, TimePeriod, Weekdays, CreditHours).

This represent classes taught in a university, with unique univ.section#. Identify suitable candidate keys and write the constraints under which each rjmitidntj key would be valid.

13.    (a) Discuss with examples why concurrency control and recovery are necessary in a

database system.


(b) Draw a state transition diagram and discuss the typical states that a transaction goes through during execution. What is commit point of transaction ?

14.    Ca) Write an algorithm that check whether a given decomposition D has the losless join

property with respect to a set of functional dependencies F.


(b) Show that the relation schemas produced by relational synthesis algorithm with dependency preservation and lossless join property are in 3NF. .

15.    (a) Explain some of the techniques that have been suggested to deal with recovery and

concurrency control in distributed DBS.    ;i.


fb) Explain the features of distributed database system (DBS). Discuss the issues affecting the design of DBS.

(6 x 12 ss 60 marks)


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