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Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) 2005 B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering DBMS- Question Paper

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2005 Mahatma Gandhi University B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering DBMS November2005 ques. paper

F 3627    (Pages: 2)    Reg. No.................................

' ' Name........................................


. Branches: Computer Science -and Engineering/Information Technology


(New Scheme2002 Admission, onwarde)

Time : Three Hours    Maxim am : 100 Marks

.    Part A

Answer all questions.

Each question carries 4 marks.

1.    Define what is Database and Spanned and Unspanned records.

2.    What is Relational Model of Database ?

3.    How to handle NULL in relational Database ?

4: Draw an E-R diagram showing relationship of Teachers-Courses and Textbooks.

5.    What is meant by read-write in transactions ?    .

6.    Define serializability of Database transactions ?

7.    Define Third Normal form of a relation Schema.

8.    Prove that any relation schema with two attributes is in BCNF.

9.    What is Data Fragmentation T

10.    What is Semantic Heterogenity of related data ?

(10 x 4 * 40 marks)

Part B

Answer all Questions.

Each question carries 12 marks,    .

11.    (a) Describe the High-Level conceptual Data Models for Database Design.


(b) Draw and explain a typical DBMS Architecture and explain DBMS Language features.

12.    (a) Explain any five of the Relational Algebra Operations with appropriate examples.

Or    '

(b) What is meant by Union Compatibility ? Why THETA JOIN is different from NATURAL JOIN. Explain with suitable examples.    .

13.    (a) Explain how serializability is achieved is Transaction Processing.


(b) What are the Desirable properties of Transaction and explain the schedules and Recoverability in brief?

14.    (a) Define Minimal sets of Functional Dependencies and explain an Algorithm to find a minimal

cover for the set of functional dependenera T"..


(b) The formal definition of BCNF differs slightly from the definition of 3NF. Explain with example how ?

15.    (a) Explain Distributed Query Processing using Semijoin.


(b) Describe in detail the structure of a distributed database system.

(5 * 12 = 60 marks)


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