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Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) 2006 B.E Computer Science Basic Mechanical Engineering - Question Paper

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First and 2nd Semester


(2002 admission onwards – Regular / Supplementary)

[Common for all branches]

Time : 3 Hours Maximum : 100 Marks

ans all ques..

Part A

1. What is Zeroth legal regulations of thermodynamics?
2. What is meant by property of a system? elaborate its classifications?
3. Explain about dry sump lubrication system in IC engines.
4. Explain the subsequent terms :-
(a) DBT.
(b) WBT
(c) Specific humidity.
(d) Relative humidity.
5. What is Crowning of pulleys? How does it help in power transmission?
6. Derive an expression for the ratio of driving tension in flat belts.
7. Discuss briefly about the working of wind power generator with the help of a block diagram.
8. What is meant by surge tank? What is its function in hydroelectric power plants?
9. What are the functions of runner and riser in moulds?
10. What are the kinds of electrodes used in electric arc welding?
(10 X four = 40 marks)

Part B

11. (a) A gas expands in a cylinder according to the relation PV1.3 = constant from an initial state of 0.3 m3 and 1000 kPa to a final state of 101 kPa. compute the work done on the piston by the gas pressure.
(b) discuss the subsequent :-
(i) Boyle’s legal regulations.
(ii) Charle’s legal regulations.
(iii) 1st legal regulations of thermodynamics.
(iv) Universal gas constant.
(v) Enthalpy.
(vi) Internal energy.
12. (a) Compare the working of SI and CI engines.
(b) The compression ratio of an Otto cycle is 8.8. The minimum pressure and temperature is 0.95 bar and 250 C. The amount of heat added to the air per cycle is 1,400 kJ/kg. On the basis of air-standard cycle, determine (i) Maximum temperature of the cycle ; (ii) The air-standard efficiency. Take Cv = 0.718, ? = 1.4.

13. (a) What is meant by slip in belt drives? Derive an expression for velocity ratio of belt drive taking into consideration the effect of slip.
(b) The velocity ratio of two spur gears in mesh is 0.4 and the centre distance is 75 mm. For a module of 1.2 mm, obtain the number of teeth at the gears. If the pinion speed is 800 r.p.m. what is the speed of the gear wheel?

14. (a) explain the methods used for harnessing solar energy.
(b) Differentiate ranging from impulse and reaction turbines used in hydroelectric power plants.

15. (a) explain about the workholding devices used in lathes.
(b) explain about the kinds of trends used in making moulds for casting.
(5 X 12 = 60 marks)

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