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Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) 2008 B.Com , IL/ - exam paper

Friday, 17 May 2013 09:05Web

2nd Year
Faculty of Commerce
Part III

ans all ques..
every ans not to exceed 4 phrases.

1. define the use of design template in a presentation.
2. provide the syntax for 2 functions in MS-EXCEL.
3. What is foreign key ? discuss its significance in setting relationsships.
4. What is data integrity ?
5. discuss the concept of data independence.
6. discuss the use of mail merge in MS-word.
7. discuss the procedure for re-naming a file.
8. Distinguish ranging from Absolute and relative cell referencing in MS-EXCEL.
9. discuss the use of column width feature of MS-EXCEL.
10. Distinguish ranging from Work sheet and Work book.
(10 x two = 20 marks)

ans any 6 ques..
every ans should not exceed 1 page.

11. discuss various choices for enhancing presentation value in Powerpoint.
12. define the procedure for the subsequent in MS-EXCEL :
(a) Inserting columns.
(b) Header and Footer.
(c) Sorting Data.
13. discuss key features of RDBMS.
14. discuss the process of setting relationships in MS-Access with suitable examples.
15. discuss important features of MS-EXCEL.
16. discuss the subsequent in WINDOWS :
(a) GUI.
(b) Windows Explorer.
(c) Desktop and Task bar.
17. discuss the procedure for IRR and NPV functions in EXCEL with the help of examples.
18. discuss formatting features of MS-Word.
(6 x five = 30 marks)

ans any 3 ques..
every ans may be in 2 or 3 pages.

19. Briefly discuss the query feature of MS-ACCESS.
20. Compare and contrast file based systems with Database Management Systems in the situation of business data processing.
21. discuss with the help of an example EXCEL can be used to develop a break-even point analysis for the marketing department.
22. discuss the role of MS-Word as a part of the office automation system in an organisation.
23. discuss key features of Windows 2000 as an operating system for personal computers.
(3 x 10 = 30 marks)

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