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Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) 2010 B.A Hindi - LANGUAGE (Group – I) ( – I) [Revised SIM Scheme] - Question Paper

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 06:15Web

L 113

First Year B.A./B.Com. Examination, May/June 2010 (Revised SIM Scheme)

LANGUAGE HINDI (Group - I) (Paper - I)

Texts : no- fwt, to yt, tw 3 r>*ift-T, o-ir>ui el ej-T

Max. Marks : 90

Time : 3 Hours


1.    R rfedT rT ekm fdsrn rfedT rt falqdieT r6T *w nfai 1





% dWt wc rfedT r6T Etti Pdsr- gEr6t falmdieT q wrn grfoii

2.    e1-t Ew r6T Etti Pdsr- gEr6t falmdieTq rm grfoii


dRtd rtdt r6T etTi fdsr< xrWldid rT wf? 1w rtfyi i

3. Wfa rt td rtdt rt Et Pdsr-<gEr6t fldieTq qrm srfoi i


'e % f g rtdt r6T Et %Sd ti RHt- Ewt % T WWT tfi I


- B

4. EEt o-i-l r6tfyi :


e) td Ed r6T sd t, tdft d r6T-i yt -iV td ft S, er tT-ii e-T

T rx dif; yt rx t ET dT i dt dr6T ETqdt, w tt Rt ii

eT) rifd-d % ttmt u tp-

h)W 'hW yd-ttr MEd-T % yT

yt t -ttt htt ym-w ytt 11 tt %t %di dyr dtt tu tt yT 11


dytdt t %rd d tt dtTydt y-sl 11 dt %fat dd-ld-T dTM gdl 11 tyt ytd Tsdt yT- dT "TT%Tl

y% tt i "tft! fyt yTd HTt y dll

5.    trttTedWirt %%t -t-t rtfy; :    (6+6=12)

1)    -fd 2gt -tT % tt d yi-tt dT tr%t tdi nd uT yrorr MTsT y ftti

2)    Tfdef nTt, yrTt-yrT-T y%d rT riydt rt-dT dt d sy %tsT tl

< i    *\ v *\    r\ a rs    r v    *\ j j

3)    dTtT eHT r6T fd-T t TT6 tH y dy WT6 tl

4)    ety dt erdtft ur 5 tt drT dr sy "y %rdT t etr ytirT fw %yTd tT %rdT tl for g%Tt ' yditd -T tf t C


6.    R'MfdfSd yT % gdT 1df%i :    (4x4=16)

1)    d r6t m1"TT fdsr-T g%% "dt rT %TditT %WTfil

2)    lyw r6t m1"tt tdsrr %Tditw fw: rtfyil

3)    W TT6% r6td t C %TdiOT g%r "dT rT ydTfil

4)    e- tdt 1dfSi : dsr6, %dT, ef"dT,

7.    %dt eytd r6tfyi :    10

53S>b0 tt .Sdodb. edA gtdb dbS,ddb. edb    odb SoOb dbAA

ro 20    c3    Q    2J    Q    4 co    _o 4

3>Wb dob dbAA ttf,b )dbb    &0b dbAb Sode aAQ qo> odb

aJ    3=i.&J    rooi,ro_Doi,

SdbSodb tdddrfb. <adb>od>A dob dbAb tddb odstb A oiedaod

<=i 6    eJ -0 4


There was a scholar in Kashi. He had two sons. He gave all his wealth to the elder and good education to the younger. The elder son spent away all his money in few days and became poor. By his learning, the younger one earned a lot of wealth and lived happily.


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