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Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth 2006 B.Tech INTRODUCTION OF MANUFACTURING - Question Paper

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JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University





Model Question Paper


Time : 3 hrs Maximum marks : 75



1. Question paper is divided into Group A, Group B and Group C

2. Each Group is 25 Marks

3. Figure to the right in bracket indicates marks.

4. Good Handwriting is expected

5. Assume suitable data if necessary.


Group A (25 Marks)


Answer any three questions (Question 1 is compulsory)




Q.1 Draw a neat block diagram of a lathe showing its main parts ?

Q.2 Write short notes on any four of the following (i) hot forging,

(ii) wire drawing, (iii) recrystalization temperature (iv) hot spinning (v) rolling.



Q.3 What is Oxy-Acetylene Welding? Explain its Principle of Working. Also explain


various types of Gas Flames with the help of neat sketches. ?

Q.4 Sketch and describe the following milling operations:

(a) Slot milling, (b) end milling, (c) profile milling and (d) side milling.



Q.5 What are the properties of moulding sand, explain?


Group B (25 Marks)

Answer any three questions (Questions 6 is compulsory)



Q.6 What are the various allowances given on a pattern, Explain ?



Q.7 Define a core and core print. What are various components of a


gating system?

Q.8 Write down advantages and disadvantages of Patterns ?



Q. 9 Discuss lost wax- method of casting mentioning their advantages and




Q.10 Write short notes on :

a) Roll forming b) Roll bending c) Shot preening






Group C (25 Marks)

All Questions are Compulsory.

Q.11 Fill in the blanks ( each question carry 2 marks)


1. --------- flame is used to weld hard surfacing materials.


2.In a lathe, cross-slide is mounted on the ----------.


3.An operation of reducing the cross-section of a bar and increasing its length is called as ------------.


4.The hot working is done above ----------- temperature.


5.In order to deliver molten metal from pouring basin to gate, a -------- is used.

Q.11 Multiple choice question. (Each question carry 2 marks)


1. A casting defect which result general enlargement of casting is called

(a) Shift (b) sand wash

(c) Swell (d) blowholes


2. The maximum temperature in 0C obtained in acetylene gas welding is

(a) 3200 (b) 1600

(c) 3800 (d) 3750


3. In carbon arc welding the electrode used is

(a) Consumable (b) non-consumable

(c) Both (d) none of these


4. Cast iron & steel pipes are produced by

(a) Slush casting (b) investment casting

(c) True centrifugal casting (d) die-casting


5. The operation to enlarge the mouth of a drilled hole to set the bolt heads and nuts is called

(a) Counter-sinking (b) Boring

(c) Counter-boring (d) any of these.



Q.11 True or false (each question carry 1 marks).


1. Boring is an operation of enlarging a hole.

2. A neutral flame is obtained by supplying equal volume of oxygen and acetylene.

3. In a hot chamber die casting machine melting pot is separate from the machine.

4. In forward welding, the weld is made from right to left.

5. Cold working process removes cracks.



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