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Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth 2006 B.Tech FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER - Question Paper

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JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University





Model Question Paper


Time : 3 hrs Maximum marks : 75



1. Question paper is divided into Group A, Group B and Group C

2. Each Group is 25 Marks

3. Figure to the right in bracket indicates marks.

4. Good Handwriting is expected

5. Assume suitable data if necessary.


Group A (25 Marks)



Answer any three questions (Question 1 is compulsory)


Q.1 Write notes on :


a) Byte b) Word c) Bit d) Nibble e) Radix

Q.2 Define a flow chart. With diagram show various symbols used in flowchart and


give their usage. What are the advantage & demerits of a flowchart


Q.3 What is an impact printer ? Give detailed description of any one impact printer ?

Q.4 What is application software ? Give examples ?


Q.5 Differentiate between :

(i) a compiler & an interpreter.

(ii) High level language & low level language. ?


Group B (25 Marks)


Answer any three questions (Questions 6 is compulsory)



Q.6 What is BCD ? Give examples of BCD rotations ?




Q.7 Explain different types of printers ?

Q.8 Briefly explain along with symbols and truth table each of the following logic

Gates : NOT x OR, NAND x NOR ?



Q.9 What are the basic characteristics of computer? Write down

the difference between data, information and knowledge?



Q.10. With a proper diagram write steps involved in Instruction cycle.









Group C (25 Marks)

All Questions are Compulsory.


Q.11 Fill in the blanks ( each question carry 2 marks)

1.   Line by line compilation is done using _________________.

2.   In 1946 first ever computer was built & was named as _____________.

3.   VLSI stands for _________________.

4.   _______________ generation of computers uses VLSI devices.

5.  Floppy disk is an example of __________________ storage devices.



Q.11 Multiple choice question. (Each question carry 2 marks)


1. Robotics is an example of

(i) DTP (ii) application software (iii) System software

(iv) none.

2. A 3.5 inch floppy has capacity of

(i) 1 MB (ii) 1.35 MB (iii) 1.44 MB (iv) 2 MB.

3. The time taken to write a block of data to the disk is

(i) Seek time (ii) transfer time (iii) access time

(iv) none.

4. MICR are widely used in

(i) Bar codes (ii) Hospitals

(iii) Books (iv) Banks.

5. In FORTRAN 2** (3*2) equals

(i) 12 (ii) 32 (iii) 64 (iv) not a valid statement.


Q.11 True or false (each question carry 1 marks).


1.   Secondary memory is relatively less costly than main memory but it is faster than main memory.

2.   Secondary memory can be sequentially accessed.

3.   Main memory is volatile.

4.   Dot matrix printer is an example of impact printer.

5.   High level languages are machine independent.






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