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Gujarat University 2007 B.B.A B.Com BUSINESS LAW - Question Paper

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2007 Gujarat University B.Com BUSINESS legal regulations ques. paper

Time : three Hours] [Max. Marks : 70

Instruction : All ques. carry equal marks.

1. “All agreements are not contracts, but all contracts are agreement.’’ discuss.


1. Write short note (Any TWO) : (a) Essentials of an offer.
(b) Undue-Influence

(c) Wagering contracts.

(d) Fraud and Mis-representation.

2. What is quasi contracts ? Narrate legal provisions of it.


2. ans any 2 of the subsequent : (a) Damages for Breach of contract. (b) Contract of Indemnity.
(c) Rights and duties of finder of goods. (d) kinds of Bailment.

3. Differentiate ranging from `Sale’ and `agreement to sale’.


3. Write note on any 2 of the subsequent : (a) kinds of goods
(b) Conditions and warranties - Difference

(c) Right of Lien of an unpaid seller. (d) Mercantile Agent.

4. describe Partnership and discuss its essentials.
4. Write note on any 2 of the subsequent : (a) Holding out partner
(b) Minor Partner
(c) Compulsory dissolution of a firm
(d) Effects of an unregistered firm

5. describe cheque. discuss the kinds and effects of crossing made on cheques.
5. Write short note (Any TWO) :
(a) Maturity and days of grace.
(b) Rights of a Holder-in-due course. (c) kinds of Endorsements.
(d) Presumption of Negotiable Instruments.

6. describe Company and state its characteristics.
6. Write short note (Any TWO) :
(a) Statement in Lieu of Prospectus. (b) Doctrine of Indoor Management
(c) Alteration in Memorandum of Association. (d) Promoters.

7. (a) “Registration of Trade Union is not compulsory; but advisable.’’ — explain this statement.

(b) explain the rights and duties of Conciliation Officer.
7. (a) What is an Industrial Disputes ? explain its essentials.
(b) State the privileges of a registered Trade Union.

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