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Calicut University 2002 Bachelor of A.M.S ASHTANGA SAMGRAHAM - Question Paper

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Time : 3 Hours Maximum : 100 marks

Parts A and B should be answered in separate answerbooks.

Part A

1. What is Prajnaparadha? Mention important 5 of them. (5

2. What is “sara”? discuss the significance of Sara Pareeksha. (5

3. Forceful evacuation of urges (vegodeerana) and diseases. Classify the relation in thepresent era. (5marks)

4. Point out the approximate months and data in relation to the 6 seasons being felt inKerala State. Criticise the above. (5marks)

5. How can we prevent disease? (5marks)

6. What is ojas? How can we assess the colour of ojas? (5marks)

7. “Various kinds of classification of diseases “(Rogabhedeeyam) is for what? (5marks)

8. Write short notes on:

(a) Samana chikitsa. (b) Viruddha.
(c) Ranjaka pittham. (d)Prabhavam.
(e) Upadhathu. (5x3 = 15 marks)

Part B

1. discuss the relation of Vipaka and Panchamahabhoota. (5 marks)

2. elaborate the consequences of the excess usage of salt? (5 marks)

3. Write a general list of persons eligible for Brimhana therapy. (5 marks)

4. discuss the after effects of appropriate sleep. (5marks)

5. discuss the reason, why Vathaprakruti persons prefer sweat, sour and salty taste.(5marks)

6. Why “obase persons” are difficult to be treated? (5 marks)

7. define the general management of Pithic disorders. (5 marks)

8. Write short notes on:

(a) Snehayoni. (b) Rasayana.
(c) Bahya rogamarga. (d) Qualities of physician.
(e) Yapyaroga. (5x3 = 15 marks)

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