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Calicut University 2008 C.A Chartered Accountant 12th cbse board - Question Paper

Saturday, 11 May 2013 02:15Web

Time allowed: three hours Maximum Marks: 70

General Instructions:
(i) All ques. are compulsory.
(ii) Marks for every ques. are indicated against it.
(iii) Ques. No. 1-8 are very short & carry 1marks every.
(iv) Ques. No. 9-18 are short-answer ques & carry 2marks every.
(v) Ques. No. 19-27 are also short-answer ques & carry 3marks every.
(vi) Ques. No. 28-30 are long-answer ques & carry 2marks every.
(vii) Use log table, if necessary. Use of calculatoris not allowed.

1. What is the total number of atoms per unit cell in a face-centred cubic (fcc) crystal structure?
2. Express the relation ranging from the conductivity and molar conductivity of a solution.
3. Of physisorption and chemisorption which kind of adsorption has a higher enthalpy of adsorption?
4. Why the bond angle in PH? molecule is is lesser than that in NH? molecule?
5. write the IUPAC name of the subsequent compound:
CH?- O-CH?- CH-CH?-CH?

6. Draw the structure of the compound whose IUPAC name is 4-Chloropentan-2-one.
7. Write 2 main functions of carbohydrates in plants.
8. describe the term ‘polymerisation’.
9. State Roult’s legal regulations for solutions of volatile liquid components. Taking a suitable example discuss the meaning of positive deviation from Roult’s legal regulations.
describe the term ‘osmotic pressure’. define how the molecular mass of a substance can be determined on the basis of osmotic pressure measurement.
10. Depict the galvanic cell in which the reaction
Zn (s) +2Ag? aq) ? Zn²?(aq) + 2Ag
Takes place. Further indicate elaborate the carriers of the current inside and outside the cell. State the reaction at every electrode.
11. The resistance of a conductivity cell containing 0.001M KCL solution at 298K is 1500O. What is the cell constant if the conductivity of 0.001M KCL solution at 298K is 0.146x10?³ cm?¹?
12. ans the following:
(i) Which neutral molecule would be isoelectronic with ClO??
(ii) Bi(V) and Sb(V) which may be a stronger oxidizing agent and why?
13. write complete chemical equations for:
(i) Oxidation of Fe?? by Cr?O?? in acid medium.
(ii) Oxidation of S?O?? by MnO‹ in neutral aqueous medium.
14. (i) Why are haloalkanes more reactive towards nucleophilic substitution reactions than haloarenes?
(ii) Which 1 of the subsequent 2 substances undergoes S?1 reaction faster and why?
Or Cl
15. Complete the subsequent reaction equations:

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