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Magadh University 2009 M.B.B.S Pathology -1 - Question Paper

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2009 (A)
1. A 60 yr old male presented with progressive weakness, low grade fever, generalised lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly. Blood exam indicates Hb - 10.0 g/dl, WBC-86000/cmm, 90% of the WBC are small mononuclear cells.
(a) elaborate the possible causes? (2)
(b) How will you proceed to investigate the case to establish its diagnosis? (8)
2. define the mechanism of irreversible cell injury. (10)
3. Differentiate b/w the subsequent : (5*4=20)
(a) Healing by primary and secondary intention
(b) CML and Leukamoid reaction
(c) Metaplasia and Dysplasia
(d) Clonal deletion and Clonal anergy

2009 (I)
1. A 10 yr old boy having generalised edema with history of recurrent infection came to your clinic. What could be your possible diagnosis and related lab-diagnosis among subsequent diseases? (5+5=10)
(a) Cirrhosis (b) Congenital heart disease (c) Nephrotic syndrome (d) AIDS (e) Malnutrition
2. describe thrombosis. explain the etiology of thrombosis. (5+5=10)
3. Short notes on any 5 : (4*5=20)
(a) Phagocytosis (b) Carcinoid tumors (c) Complications of Cirrhois of liver (d) Splenomegaly
(e) Fibrocystic diseases of breast (f) Aschoff's bodies

2007 (I)
1. A patent having low and fixed sp. Gravity has loin pain and was having small kidney. Name the probable causes. define the histological
Appearance of such a kidney. (3+7=10)
2. describe Necrosis. Differentiate b/w necrosis and apoptosis. (2+6=10
3. describe cirrhosis. define the classical appearance of a case of portal cirrhosis (histology). (2+8=10)]
4. Short notes on any 3 : (3*4=12)
(a) Benign and malignant ulcers (b) Giant cells (c) Linitis plastica (d) Rhematic pancarditis (e) Etiology of cervical carcinoma

1. A male aged 60 yrs came with acute chest pain radiating to left hand, what is your provisional diagnosis? define gross, microscopic change and histochemistry of such condition. (2+8=10)
2. describe edema. Also its etiopathogenesis. (2+5=7)
3. Enumerate ulcers of GIT. define ulcerative colitis with complication. (2+4+2=8)
4. Short notes on any 5 : (3*5=15)
(a) Primary complex (b) Giant cell (c) Metastasis (d) Chemota kil (e) Wilm's tumor (f) Anaplasia (g) RPGN

1. What is inflammation? explain the vascular and cellular events of acute inflammation. (10)
2. What is Atherosceloris? explain its etiology and risk factors. (8)

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