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Magadh University 2009 M.B.B.S Pathology -2 - Question Paper

Friday, 25 January 2013 02:00Web

Pathology -PAPER-2

2009 (A)
1. Classify glomerulonephritis. E+P modifications in Acute Post Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis. (10)
2. Short notes: (10)
(a) E+P of IHD (b) kinds n morph. Of carcinoma of oesophagus
3. Short notes on any 5 : ( 4*5=20)
(a) Gilbert's disease (b) Krukenberg tumor (c ) Caplan's syndrome (d) Osteoclastoma
(e) Complicated Atheroma (f) Reed- Sternberg cell

1. What is anemia? Classify it. provide the blood picture of iron def anemia. (10)
2. Short notes on any 6 : (5*6=30)
(a) Cytochemical findings of CSF in normal person and in diff kinds of meningitis in tabular form. (b) Liver Function Tests (c) Blood picture of CML
(d) Bence Jonce Protein (e) Pathophysiology of juandice (f) Transfusion Reaction OR Blood grouping (g) Anaphylactic reaction

1. describe anemia. E+P & lab diagnosis of iron def anemia. (10)
2. Short notes on any 5 : (5*5=25)
(a) Sideroblastic anemia (b) FAB classification of acute leukaemia (c) Tranfusion reaction (d) Sickle-cell anemia (homozygous state)
(e) Erythrblastosis fetalis (f) Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)
3. True/False :
(a) Basophilia ia a feature of CML
(b) Massive proteinuria is a feature of nephrotic syndrome
(c) Alkaline phosphatase is very much raised in hemolytic anemia
(d) Hemophilic bleeding is due to deficiency of factor VIII
(e) Australia Antigen (HBSAg) is the earliest market of hepatitis B

1. describe Anemia + Lab diagnosis of hemolytic anemia. (10)
2. Classify Thalassemia. define B-thalassemia. (10)
3. Short notes : (5*4=20)
(a) Proteinuria (b) Painless hematuria (c) CSF findings in tuberculous meningitis (d) Acoluric jaundice

1. describe & classify Leukaemia. define peripheral blood picture in CML. (10)
2. What is haemophila? define lab diagnosis of hemophilia. (10)
3. Short notes : (5*4=20)
(a) Haemosiderosis (b) Ketonuria (c) Bence jones protein (d) Coom's test

1. describe Aplastic Anemia. define the classification, blood and bone marrow picture of Aplastic anemia. (10)
2. define the different pancreatic function tests. (10)
3. Short notes on any 3 : (5*3=15)
(a) Supravital stains (b) Lab diagnosis of jaundice (c) Prothrombin time (d) Spherocytic anemia

1. Enumerate blood groups. define ABO hemolytic disease of the newborn. (10)
2. What is the role of oncogenic virus in leukemia? define the lymphoblastic leukemia. (10)
3. Short notes on any 3 : (5*3=15)
(a) Blood bilirubin and biole pigment in urine (b) Interpretation of MCH, MCHC and MCV (c ) Causes of neutropenia
(d) Malarial parasites in blood (e) Normal hemoglobin
4. Fill up the blanks : (a) ALT is obtained raised in ……….. (b) Abnormally high Hb is obtained in ……………. (c) Dimorphic anemia if mostly obtained in ……..
(d) Urinary cycle is obtained in …………….. (e) Common urinary calculus is composed of …………… (1*5=5)

1. Classify anemia. define microcytic hypochromic anemia. (10)
2. Enumerate causes of leukemia. define blood picture of CML. (10)
3. Short notes on any 3 : (a) FIGLU (b) Absolute values of blood (c) GTT (d) Causes of Eosinophilia (e) Normal bone marrow picture
1. describe Aplastic Anemia. explain the causes and blood picture of aplastic anemia. (10)
2. describe Leukemia. define the classification and blood picture of acute myeloid leukemia. (10)
3. Short notes on any 3 : (a) Creatinine Clearance Test (b) Evidences of intravascular hemolysis (c) Spherocytic anemia (d) Pancreatic function test
1. describe lymphoma. provide latest clssification of Hodgkin's disease and define in brief its all kinds. (3+3+3=9)
2. Short notes on any 4 : (a) option of liver function test in jaundice (b) Klinefelter's syndrome (c) Blood picture in multiple myeloma
(d) Microangipathic haemolytic anemia (e) Pancreatic Function Tests (4*4=16)
3. Enumerate the 2 important causes of :
(a) Lymphocytosis (b) Test for GFR (c) Thrombocytopenia (d) Increased plasma cells I the bone (e) Test for the diagnosis of carcinoma prostate
1. Classify Thrombocytopenic purpura. define the peripheral blood picture and bone marrow picture in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.
2. Short notes on any 4 : (a) Evidences of Intravascular hemolysis (b) Lab diagnosis of Pernicious anemia (c) Spherocytes
(d) Juvenile kind of CML (e) Fetal Hb
3. Enumerate the 2 important causes of : (a) Target cells in the peripheral blood (b) Raised serum cholesterol (c) Polyuria
(d) Raised serum alkaline phosphatase (e) Bence protein in the urine

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