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Magadh University 2009 M.B.B.S Microbiology-2 - Question Paper

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1. Classify somatic nematodes. define the morpho and life cycle of W.bancrofti. Outline the lab diagnosis of a case of filariasis. (3+3+4=10)
2. Short notes on : (a) Lab diagnosis of Viral disease (b) Str. & Functions of Ig (c) Anaphylaxis (d) Cyclophyllidean larva (5*4=20)
3. True/False : (1*10=10)
(a) Fungi are grown in sabourauds glucose agar (b) Botrymycosis is caused by streptomyces somaliensiz
(c) Aflatoxins are produced by Aspergillus flavus (d) Cryptococcus neoformas is a Pseudoyeast
(e) Japanese encephalitis is mosquito born disease (f) Infection of nail is c/b epidermatophyton floccosum
(g) Ig G can cross placenta (h) Cysticercosis is the commonest parasite of CNS in India
(i) Causanies rxn is the example of kind I HSN (j) Granulomatous rxn is the example of kind IV HSN rxn.

1. Name the infective form of Wuchereria bancrofti for human. define pathogenicity and lab diagnosis of W.bancrofti. (1+3+6=10)
2. Short notes on any 5 : (a) Anti-rabies vaccine (b) Larva migrans (c) Prozone phenomenon (d) Diff kinds of viral hepatitis, its genome & commonest mode of transmission in tabular form (e) Shwartzman reaction (f) ELISA (4*5=20)
3. Write briefly on : (a) Recrudescence and relapse in malaria (b) Difference b/w active & passive immunity. (5*2=10)

1. define briefly the life cycle of Ancylostoma duodenale and pathogenic effect c/b its larvae and adult worms. (5+5=10)
2. Short notes on : (a) Exoerythrocytic schizogony (b) Oncogenic viruses (c) Giardia cyst (d) Inclusion bodies (e) Primary & Secondary immune response. (5*5=25)

1. Name pathogenic Leishmania of man and lesions caused by them. define the life cycle and different direct methods of diagnosis of kala-azar. (3+3+4=10)
2. Short notes on any 4 : (a) Transfer factor (b) Interferon (c) Hydatid cyst (d) Life cycle of Trypanosoma brucei in Tse-Tse fly (e) ELISA test (4*4=16)
3. Write 4 continuous cell lines and the tissue of their origin. (4)

1. define the life cycle & lab diagnosis of Ascaris lumbricoides. (10)
2. Short notes on : (a) Pathogenesis of hepatic amoebiasis (b) T-lymphocytes (c) Plasmid (d) Bacteriophage (e) Cryptococcosis (5*5=25)

1. define the life cycle & lab diagnosis of a parasite causing hepatic splenomegaly. (10)
2. Short notes on : (a) Cysticercus cellulosae (b) Passive immunity (c) Compare b/w live and killed polio vaccine (d) Madura foot (e) Interferon (5*5=25)

1. A 40-year old shephard has come to you with a large swelling in right hypochondrium which is cystic in nature on exam. How will you diagnose supposing he is suffering from echinococcosis. (12)
2. Short notes on : (a) Larva migrans (b) Chagas' disease (c) Blackwater fever (6*3=18)

1. A patient aged 35 years with pain and tenderness in the right hypochondrium and slight fever has come to you. How will you diagnose supposing he is suffering from hepatic amoebiasis. (12)
2. Short notes on : (a) Guinea worm (b) Hydatid cyst (c) Schuffner's dots (6*3=18)

1. A child of 10 years with splenohepatomegaly has come to you. How will you diagnose supposing he is suffering from kala-azar? (12)
2. Short notes on : (a) Delhi boil (b) Diff b/w amoebic & bacillary dysentery (c) Sleeping sickness (6*3=18)

1. Write short notes on : (a) Interferon (b) Blackwater fever (c) Lab diagnosis of viral disease (6*3=18)
2. Name the nematodes which are oviparous and provide bile stained eggs. define the life cycle and pathogenicity of any 1 of them. (4+4+4=12)

1. Enumerate the extraintestinal sites of amoebic lesions. define the lab diagnosis of both intestinal and extraintestinal amoebiasis. (4+6=10) 'OR' Name the arboviruses causing infection in man in India. Is there any vaccine against any 1 of them? (4+6=10)
2. Write briefly about : (a) Pathogenesis of poliovirus infection (b) Lab diagnosis of hepatitis B infection (c) Lab diagnosis of tinea (5*3=15)
3. ans in brief : (2*4=8)
(a) Name 2 ti….. Nematodes (b) Name 2 ……. Viral vaccine (c) Name double stranded RNA virus (d) Name 2 parasites which actively penetrate through skin

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