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MJP Rohilkhand University 2008 B.Com ty - Question Paper

Friday, 25 January 2013 12:25Web

October 2008
Time: three Hours
Marks: 100

1. Attempt 5 ques. in all, with a minimum of 2 ques. from every part.
2. Figures to the right indicte full marks.
3. Answers to the 2 parts should be written in the identical ans book.

part I

* Q.1 a) How is economic growth various from economic development? discuss the pattern in National Income growth in India during the planning period. 10
* b) discuss the success and failure of Government measures in promoting human development through education and health. 10
* Q.2 a) Has agriculture contributed adequately to the economic growth of the country? Support your ans with facts and figures. 10
* b) discuss the positive and negative impacts of WTO agreements on Indian agriculture. 10
* Q.3 a) discuss the role of Small Scale Industries in the economic development of India. 10
* b) Critically examine the New Industrial Policy, 1991. 10
* Q.4 a) discuss the concept and nature of unemployment in India. 10
* b) explain the impact of Globalisation on the current employment situation in the country 10
* Q.5 Write explanatory notes on any 2 of the subsequent 20
* a) modifications in Sectoral Composition of National Income.
* b) National Agricultural Policy, 2000.
* c) problems Related to Disinvestment in India.
* d) issue of Child Labour in India.

part II

* Q.6 a) discuss and illustrate the Principle of Maximum Social Advantage. 10
* b) discuss in detail the different kinds of Public Expenditure. 10
* Q.7 a) discuss merits of Direct taxes and demerits of ndirect taxes. 10
* b) define the different concepts of deficit in the Union Budget. provide suitable examples 10
* Q.8 Critically examine the Classical Theory of International Trade. 10
* Q.9 a) discuss the monetary and non-monetary methods of correcting disequilibrium in Balance of Payments. 10
* b) Examine the Balance of Payments position of India under the New Economic Policy. 10
* Q.10 Write explanatory notes on any 2 of the subsequent 20
* a) Components of Union Budget
* b) Growth of Public Expenditure in India.
* c) Factor Price Equalisation.
* d) TRIMS and TRIPS

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