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Calicut University 2007 B.Com Auditing- XI - Question Paper

Wednesday, 08 May 2013 04:05Web

Time: 3 Hours Maximum: 80 Marks

Part A

ans any ten ques. in 1 or 2 phrases every.
every ques. carries one mark.

1. describe Auditing.
2. What is Compensating error?
3. describe Wasting Asset.
4. What is transmission of shares?
5. What is Cost Audit?
6. What is a Clean Audit Report?
7. What is a share warrant?
8. State 2 limitations of auditing.
9. What is blank transfer?
10. describe Propriety Audit.
11. What is Private Audit?
12. describe Vouching.
(10 x 1=10 marks)

Part B

ans any ten ques. in not exceeding 1 page every.
every ques. carries four marks.

13. Distinguish ranging from Internal check and internal audit.
14. State the objectives of verification of assets.
15. discuss the essentials-of a valid voucher.
16. elaborate the objectives of Management Audit?
17. How would you vouch goods sent on consignment?
18. elaborate the advantages of audit programme?
19. Write a note on profit prior to incorporation.
20. What is Continuous Audit? elaborate its advantages?
21. elaborate the advantages of audit note-book?
22. elaborate the steps to investigate on behalf of an incoming partner?
23. elaborate the differences ranging from evaluation and Verification?
24. State the liability of an auditor to 3rd parties.
(10 x four = 40 marks)

Part C
ans any 2 ques. in not more than 4 pages every.
every ques. carries 15 marks.

25. What is Cost Audit? elaborate its objects? How it differs from Financial Audit?
26. describe Auditing. elaborate its advantages and limitations?
27. How will you vouch the receipt side of a cash book?
28. elaborate the rights, powers and duties of a Company Auditor?
(2 x 15 = 30 marks)

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