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Time : 3 Hours Maximum : 80 Marks

part A

ans any ten of the subsequent ques. in 1 or 2 phrases.
every ques. carries one mark.

1. Who is an Entrepreneur?
2. describe Women entrepreneurship.
3. Who is a “Fabian Entrepreneur”?
4. What do you understand by desk research?
5. What is process layout?
6. describe a project report.
7. describe NPV.
8. What is PERT?
9. describe financial analysis.
10. What is bridge finance?
11. describe a small scale Industrial unit.
12. Mention any 4 symptoms of sickness in business units.

(10X1=10 marks)

part B

ans any ten ques..

every ques. carries four marks.
ans the ques. in 1 page every.

13. elaborate the main features of entrepreneurship?
14. Enumerate the functions of an Entrepreneur.
15. discuss the phases of EDP.
16. Mention the important issues of women entrepreneurs in establishing and developing their enterprises.
17. What factors have a bearing on option of technology?
18. Write a note on CPM.
19. elaborate the sources of project ideas?
20. State the merits and limitations of payback period method.
21. elaborate the important contents of a project report?
22. What is break-even analysis? Mention its uses.
23. elaborate the functions of SIDBI?
24. elaborate the services rendered by KITCO for the entrepreneurial development in Kerala?
(10 x four = 40 marks)

part C
ans any 2 ques..
every ques. carries 15 marks.
ans the ques. in 4 pages every.

25. discuss the role of small scale industries in the Indian Economy.
26. elaborate the causes for sickness in small scale industry in India? provide suggestions for correcting the situation.
27. describe project appraisal. explain the various aspects of project appraisal.
28. What is entrepreneurial mobility? explain the different factors influencing the mobility of entrepreneurs.
(2 x 15=30 marks

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