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Calicut University 2005 B.Com XVI-BUSINESS PRACTICE - Question Paper

Wednesday, 08 May 2013 03:55Web

Time: 3 Hours Maximum : 150 Marks

Part A
ans any ten ques..
every ques. carries five marks.

1. State the characteristics of business.
2. elaborate the factors determining the size of a business unit?
3. Mention the defects of sole proprietorship.
4. elaborate the important features of partnership?
5. State the major issues of tile industry.
6. elaborate the general utility services rendered by aCommercial bank?
7. elaborate the functions of a retailer?
8. elaborate the important issues of agricultural development in your area?
9. What is listing of securities? Mention its benefits to investors.
10. Write a note on ‘Disinvestment in Public Sector’.
11. elaborate the functions of KSIDC?
12. elaborate the contents of a Memorandum of Association?

(10X5=50 marks)

Part B
ans any 5 ques..
every ques. carries 10 marks.

13.Explain the important features of a co-operative organisation.
14.What are the salient features of the new Industrial Policy of Government of Kerala?
15.Discuss the advantages of a small scale business unit.
16.Explain the legal formalities involved in the formation of a sole proprietorship.
17.Give a brief account of a manufacturing concern you have visited.
18.What are the important issues of local industrialization ? Suggest remedial measures.
19.Discuss the current issues of a country brick manufacturing unit. What remedial measures would you suggest for the development of country brick manufacturing industry?

Part C
ans any 2 ques..
every ques. carries 25 marks.

20.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a company form of organisation.
21.Discuss the issues and prospects of coir industry in Kerala.
22.What are the various sources of finance for a business?
(2 x 25 50 marks)

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