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Calicut University 2007 B.Com FINAL YEAR Part - III: COMMERCE - Question Paper

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Paper - XII: Optional - II (a)
Co-operation - Paper - 11
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 80

part - A
ans any ten ques.. every ques. carries one mark.

1.Define Bye-law.
2.What is meant by limited liability?
3.What is Decree?
4.What is amalgamation of societies?
5.Define minutes book.
6.What in meant by arbitration?
7.Give the meaning of audit memorandum.
8.What is Co-operative Arbitration Court?
9.Who appoints liquidator?
10.Give the meaning of dispute.
11.What is Co-operative Education Fund?
12.What do you mean by primary evidence?


part - B
ans any 8 ques.. every ques. carries five marks.

13.Enumerate the circumstances that led to the enactment of the Co-operative Credit Societies Act 1904.
14.State the procedure for amendment of bye-laws of a society.
15.Who are eligible to be a member in a co-operative society?
16.State the duties of the secretary with regard to meetings.
17.Mention a few of the registers to be kept by a society.
18.Write a note on division of profit of a society.
19.Explain how co-operatives are financed?
20.When can an enquiry be ordered by Registrar?
21.On what grounds may a society be liquidated?
22.Discuss the provisions of Indian civil procedure code with regard to problem of summons.


part - C
ans any 2 ques.. every ques. carries 15 marks.

23.Explain the procedure relating to the registration of co-operative societies.
24.Explain the features of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act 1969.
25.What are the rights and liabilities of members of co-operative societies?


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