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Calicut University 2009 B.A English Main – V, Phonetics Gram and History of the Language - Question Paper

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 10:05Web

I. Write short notes on any 5 of the subsequent in about 80 words :
1) Manner of articulation
2) Primary stress
3) Descriptive and prescriptive grammars
4) Dialect and register
5) Geminates
6) Falling diphthongs
7) Declarative phrases
8) Conditional clause
9) The difference ranging from vowels and consonants
10) Elision. (4×5=20 Marks)

II. a) provide short answers for ten of the following, every in about 2 phrases :
1) What is a free morpheme ?
2) describe an affricate
3) What is a semivowel ?
4) What is a stressed syllable ?
5) What is elision ?
6) describe tonic syllable.
7) What is phonemic transcription ?
8) What is idiolect ?
9) elaborate centring diphthongs ?
10) define the initial sound in the word "Europe", using a 3 term tag.
11) elaborate the 5 inflectional forms of a regular English verb ?
12) provide an example of a closed syllable.
13) What is a cliche ? provide an example.
14) define dative shift.
15) describe synchronic description of language.
16) elaborate modal auxiliaries ?
17) elaborate reflexive pronouns ?
18) What is neologism ?
19) describe morph.
20) What is a complement ? (10×1=10 Marks)

b) Rewrite any ten of the subsequent as directed :
1) I saw a film. It was very interesting. (Combine into a complex sentence)
2) I have never known him tell a lie. (Put into Passive voice)
3) Why he did it, remains still unknown. (Use the anticipatory "it" as the subject
of the sentence)
4) Mary is taller than John. (Use the positive degree of comparison)
5) She speaks very well. (Use the improper ques. tag)
6) It was a very difficult issue. He could not solve it. (Combine the sentence
using "too")
7) I do not know English I do not know Hindi. (Combine using "either .... or")
8) I have never heard such a nonsense. (Use "never" sentence initially)
9) We have had a _______ poor weather this year. (Use "fairly" or "rather"
which appropriately)
10) He said, "where can I get reservation form". (Rewrite in the indirect speech)
11) I shall buy the book from a few other place. (Rewrite using "else")
12) Having violated the rules of the school the Head master expelled him from
the school. (Correct the sentence)
13) I cannot play in the match as I _______ my foot (injure). (Insert the accurate
form of the auxiliary in the sentence)
14) Siam will be old enough to go to school _________next academic year.
(Fill in the blank with improper articles)
15) Prem has been down ________ malaria________ the last 1 week.

(Fill in the blanks with improper prepositions) (10×1=10 Marks)
III. Write short notes on any 5 of the subsequent in about 80 words.
1) Language as an arbitrary system
2) Conversion
3) The great vowel shift
4) Synchronic viz. diacronic study of language
5) Dialects
6) French loan words in English
7) Impact of printing press on the spelling of English
8) Old English grammar
9) Indo-European family of Languages
10) Celtic influences on Old English. (5×4=20 Marks)

IV. Write an essay on any 1 of the subsequent :
1) The contributions made by Chaucer, Spencer, Milton, Pope and Wordsworth to
the making of English.
2) How do " Grimm's Law" and "Verner's Law" account for consonant change in
English ?
3) various types of Umlaut in English.
4) The socio-political and economic forces which made English a global Language.
(1×20=20 Marks)

V. a) Transcribe the subsequent passage phonemically and mark the stress
Pol. Do you know me, my lord ?
Ham. Excellent well; you are a fishmonger
Pol. Not I, my lord!
Ham. Ay, sir, to be honest, as this world goes, is to be 1 man picked out of ten
Pol. That's very true, my lord. 10
b) Transcribe ten of the subsequent words phonemically and mark the primary stress :
1) analyze
2) application
3) perfect (adjective)
4) import (verb)
5) millionaire
6) rather
7) English
8) confusion
9) quick
10) Grandfather
11) village
12) epitome
13) Pick pocket
14) engine driver
15) bundle. (10×1=10 Marks)

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