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Calicut University 2009 B.A English Main – VI, FOR COMMUNICATION - Question Paper

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 10:00Web

I. a) Write a letter to your friend who is a learner of the National Institute of Legal
studies Calcutta, making enquiries about the course and the institution. The
purpose of the enquiry is to seek admission for your brother in the institute, next
academic year.
b) Imagine that you are the convener of the annual athletic meet of your college. Write
a letter to the sports director inviting him to inaugurate the meet.
(1×10=10 Marks)

II. a) Imagine that you are working as a special correspondent of a leading news
paper in Delhi. Write about a thrilling experience you had in your profession as a
b) Write a short report on your latest visit to a book exhibition, where you could
collect a few books which you were looking for. (1×10=10 Marks)

III. a) Draft a telegram you are needed to send in connection with the subsequent
You have been appointed to the post of manager in an engineering company in
Bombay. As you received the communication very late on account of no fault of
yours, you are not able to reach the office on time. Prepare a telegram showing
the facts.
b) Prepare a fax message to the college you have joined, confirming the date of
your joining the institution. (2×5=10 Marks)

IV. Write a dialogue, in about half a page, ranging from 2 friends who meet after a long
time at the airport. (1×5=5 Marks)

V. Prepare a bio-data for the post of a Public Relations Officer in a super market in the
city. (1×10=10 Marks)

VI. learn the subsequent passage carefully and ans the ques. that follow it.
That which you consider to be the Mother of Parliaments is like a sterile, woman
and a prostitute. Both these are harsh terms, but exactly fit the case. That Parliament
has not yet, of its own accord done a single good thing. Hence I have compared it
to a sterile woman. The natural condition of that Parliament is such that, without
outside pressure, it can do nothing. It is like a prostitute because it as under the
control of ministers who change from time to time. Today it is under Mr. Asquith
tomorrow it may be under Mr. Balfour.
The member serve without pay and therefore it must be presumed only for the
public weal. The electors are considered to be educated and therefore we should
presume that they would not generally-make mistakes in their option. Such a Parliament
should not need the spur of petitions or any other pressure. Its work should be so
smooth that its effects would be more apparent day by day. But as a matter of fact,
it is generally acknowledged that the members are hypocritical and selfish. every
thinks of his own little interest. It is fear that is the guiding motive. What is done
today may be undone tomorrow. It is not possible to recall a single instance in
which finality can be predicted for its work. When the greatest ques. are debated,
its members have been seen to stretch themselves and to doze. Sometimes the
members talk away until the listeners are disgusted. Carlyle has called it the "talking
shop of the world" Members vote for their party without a thought. Their so-called
discipline binds them to it. If any member, by way of exception, provide an independent
vote, he is considered a renegade. If the money and the time wasted by Parliament
were entrusted to a few good men, the English Nation would be occupying today a
much higher platform. Parliament is simply a costly toy of the Nation. These views
are by no means peculiar to me. a few great English thinkers have expressed them.
One of the members of that Parliament recently stated that a actual Christian
could not become a member of it. a different stated that it was a baby. And if it has
remained a baby after an existence of 7 hundred years, when will it outgrow its
babyhood ?
1) Why does the writer compare the parliament to a sterile woman ?
2) What does the writer consider the natural condition of a parliament ?
3) What is the usual assumption about the members of the parliament ?
4) What is the guiding motive of the members ?
5) Why does the writer consider a actual Christian cannot be the member of the
British Parliament ? (5×1=5 Marks)

VIII.Correct the subsequent phrases :
a) Tom along with his colleagues have gone for a European tour.
b) He is working here since 3 years.
c) Ramu followed his mentor's advices carefully.
d) Unless you do not work hard you cannot pass the exam.
e) The Tajmahal is a monument worthy to see it. (5×1=5 Marks)

VII.Rewrite the subsequent as directed :
a) The teacher does not allow _____in the class (talk). (Fill in the gap with accurate
form of the word given)
b) You must write to me ________ you leave for your home village. (Insert the
missing conjunction)
c) Keep the ticket carefully_____ your hand or____your pocket. (Fill in the gaps
with suitable prepositions)
d) After the servants had done _____work, they were sent away. (Supply the
accurate possessive)
e) We (live) here for the last 6 months, and just (decide) to move. (Use the
accurate form of the verbs provided in the brackets)
f) You haven't got much time. (Put in the affirmative)
g) It's very far, we can't walk. (Remake the sentence using "too")
h) Rini asked her friend, "will you please provide me a pen". (Put into indirect speech)
i) We shall see you tomorrow. (Add a suitable ques. tag)
j) This is the college ______ (Complete the sentence with a suitable adverb clause)
(10×1=10 Marks)

IX. provide the RP as well as the Malayalam pronunciation of the subsequent words. discuss
the difference :
1) No
2) Oven
3) Orange
4) Taller
5) Fellow. (5×2=10 Marks)

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