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Calicut University 2009 B.A Economics ch, VI – Optional (i) : nking and Public - Question Paper

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I. select the accurate ans. Write only the alphabet.

1) Fiscal deficit minus interest payments is known as
a) Revenue deficit b) Budget deficit
c) Primary deficit d) All of the above

2) Taxes levied by union but collected and appropriated by States
a) stamp duties b) terminal tax
c) excise duties d) land revenue

3) Principles of Federal Finance is provided by
a) Alfred Marshall b) Wagner
c) Adarkar d) Harrod Domar

4) Which 1 of the subsequent is source of Internal Borrowing ?
a) SBI b) IMF
c) IFC d) IBRD

5) Which 1 of the subsequent is a demerit good ?
a) Education b) Sanitation
c) Road d) Tobacco (5×1=5 Marks)

II. State actual or false :

6) Income from public enterprise is tax revenue.

7) The Chairman of the tenth Finance Commission is Dr. C. Rangarajan.

8) The deficit budget should be adopted during the time of inflation.

9) The tax collection and income distribution is the function of Planning Commission.

10) The Principles of maximum social advantage was provided by B.M.MinRass.
(5×1=5 Marks)

III. Fill in the blanks :

11) The Chairman of the eleventh Finance Commission was ___________
[K.C.Panth / A.M.Kushroo]

12) Which of the subsequent is Internal Borrowing ? ___________

13) Treasury bonds are ___________ debt.
[Internal / External]

14) The 1st phase nationalisation of bank in ____________
[1969 / 1980]

15) NABARD is the _______ Bank.
[Government / Private] (5×1=5 Marks)

IV. describe any 4 of the subsequent :
16) Public wants
17) Excise duty
18) Capital levy
19) Public Finance
20) Money. (4×1=4 Marks)

V. ans any 7 of the subsequent in not more then half a page every.
21) kinds of money
22) Internal borrowing
23) Public Expenditure
24) Relationship ranging from monetary and fiscal policies
25) Direct taxes
26) Sources of public borrowing
27) Write a short note in fiscal deficit
28) Commercial Bank
29) elaborate the objective of fiscal policy ?
30) Federal Finance. (7×3=21 Marks)

VI. ans any 6 of the subsequent. every not more than 1 page.
31) discuss the public debt.
32) State the causes for the public borrowing.
33) Write a note on zero base budget in India.
34) List out the functions of fiscal policy.
35) Write a note on the allocation function of fiscal finance.
36) Examine the federal finance.
37) discuss the structure of local bodies in India.
38) Write a note on deficit financing.
39) Briefly explain the role of Government in a mixed economy.
40) Distinguish ranging from social and Merit wants. (6×5=30 Marks)

VII.Answer any 3 of the subsequent not exceeding 3 page every.
41) explain the burden of public debt in India.
42) discuss the principle of maximum social advantage with reference to Dalton and
43) explain the different functions of Commercial Bank.
44) elaborate the reasons for the frictions in Central - State financial relations in India ?
Examine the methods to remove these frictions.
45) explain the objectives of fiscal policy with special reference to developing
countries like India.
46) Public expenditure is a most powerful weapon in the hands of the Government
for bringing about an equitable distribution of wealth. explain. (3×10=30 Marks)

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