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Lovely Professional University 2008 B.C.A Computer Application Mid Term , - Question Paper

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Lovely Professional University

Mid Term Examination, Nov 2008 E(code)
ENG101:Communication Skills-||
Time Allowed:90 Min Max Marks: 50

1. This paper contains 6 ques. on 2 pages.
2. ans all ques. in serial order.
3. The marks assigned to every ques. are shown at the end of every ques. in square brackets.

Note: All ques. are compulsory.

Q.1. Fill in the blanks:

a) Nobody will speak in his________.(defend)
b) All the people burst into______.(laugh)
c) Shyam_______(paint)the house since last week.
d) a few students________(watch) TV in the TV room when I_______(open) the gate.
e) Rekha_______(put) the clothes ion the cupboard after she________(iron) them.
f) The antonym of convenience is__________.
g) 1 who does not beleive ionthe existence of God is called_______.
h) 1 who walks in the sleep is called_______.
i) The synonym of revenge is _________.
j) He may_________ his last at any moment.(breath) (1*10)

Q.2a) Rewrite the subsequent phrases into Passive voice:
i) Please sit down.
ii) Who did this ?
iii) I did not take your book.
iv) It is the time to begin our work.
v) They say that the officer did not accept the bribe.

Q.2b) Say whether the subsequent statements are actual or false:
i) Communication is a bipolar process.
ii) Receiver should not be an attentive listener.
iii) Listening is not an important component of the commutative process.
iv) After receiving the message, the receiver must encode the message.
v) Downward communication flows from employees at lower ranks to upper management.

Q.3.a) Why did the doctor not want to accept the gift in the story `a work of Art`?
b) What was Della`s issue in the story `The Gift of Magi` ?
c) What were Jim and Della`s most prized possessions ?
d) What was the Bakhirs` condition for the sale of land ?
e) What lesson we learn from the story `How Much Land Does A Man Need` ?

Q.4.a) Write down 5 points to improve your communication.

b) How is listening various from hearing ? (2*5)

Q.5. Write a letter to your mother describing her the discomforts of a railway journey recently undertaken by you. (5)

Q.6. What is the theme of story `A Work of Art` ? (5)

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