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Punjab University 2008 B.A Political Science : B, : Part - II - Question Paper

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 02:05Web

(Indian Politics)
B.A. 2nd Year

Time Allowed : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 90

Note: (i) The ques. paper is divided into 5 parts.Part A is compulsory.
Attempt any 9 ques. carrying 18 marks i.e. two marks every (25-30 words).

(ii) Attempt any 1 ques. from every Part. every ques. will carry 18 marks.


1. What do you mean by multiparty character of opposition in India ?

2. Write down the names of national political parties in India.

3. When the Indian National Congress was founded and by whom it was founded ?

4. Discuss the impact of caste on Indian Politics.

5. Which is the official language of India ?

6. How the populist slogan influence the voting behaviour of the people of
India ?

7. Write the impacts of regionalism on Indian politics.

8. What is the full form of U.N.O., I.M.F., W.B., W.T.O. ?

9. Who is the current president of Indian National Congress ?

10. What is the full form of NAM ?

11.. Write any 4 emerging patterns in Indian Politics.

12. What is meant by foreign policy ?

13. What do you mean by liberalization ?

14. Write the main characteristics of India's foreign policy.

15. What are the advantages of Non-align movement in India ?


1. Make a critical valuation of electoral process in India.[Marks 18]

2. What are the determinants factors of voting behaviour in India.[Marks 18]


1. Make a Critical valuation of the ideology, social base, policies and
programme of Congress.[Marks 18]

2. Discuss the role of pressure groups in India.[Marks 18]


1. What is the politics of reservation ? provide arguments for and against

2. What is the impact of liberalisation and privatization of Indian
Politics ?[Marks 18]


1. What do you mean by foreign policy ? explain the determinants of India's
foreign policy.[Marks 18]

2. Make critical valuation of India's policy of Non alignment.[Marks 18]

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