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Punjab University 2008 B.A Political Science : A, : Part - II - Question Paper

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 02:00Web


(Indian Government and Politics)

B.A. 2nd Year

Time Allowed : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 90

Note: Attempt 5 ques. in all. every ques. carries 18 marks.The
first ques. is compulsory.

1. Give short answers to any nine ques. in about 25 to 30 words every.
Each ques. carry carries two marks.

(i) What was the system of Provincial Autonomy established under the
Govt. of India Act 1935 ?

(ii) What is the meaning of 'Republic' as provided in Preamble of Indian
constitution ?

(iii) How is Governor of an Indian state appointed ?

(iv) Under which Chapter and Articles of Indian Constitution Directive
Principles of State Policy are mentioned ?

(v) Explain briefly Article-356 of Indian Constitution.

(vi) What are the essential qualifications to be judge of an Indian
High Court ?

(vii) What is the tenure of Legislative Council in an Indian State ?

(viii) What do you mean by Judicial Activism ?

(ix) Give 2 executive powers of President of India.

(x) Give 2 discretionary powers of Governor of an Indian State.

(xi) Name the Chief-Ministers of Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

(xii) What is Vote-of-No-confidence ?

(xiii) What is Public Interest Litigation ?

(xiv) Name the states with Bicameral Legislatures in India.

(xv) Expand the abbreviations UPA & NDA and discuss briefly.[Marks 18]


2. What is Preamble ? explain main features of Preamble of the Indian
Constitution.[Marks 18]
"Indian Constitution is Federal in character but unitary in spirit."
Discuss.[Marks 18]


3. What are Fundamental Rights ? explain Right to Equality and Right to Freedom
of Indian Citizens.[Marks 18]
4. What are the Directive Principles of State Policy in India ? Are they
justiceable ?[Marks 18]


4. Discuss the powers of Lok Sabha. provide atleast 3 defects of working
of Indian Parliament.[Marks 18]
Discuss composition and powers of Supreme Court of India.[Marks 18]


5. Discuss powers and changing role of Governor in Indian Politics.
How is Chief Minister appointed ? explain his powers and position in
Coalition Govt.[Marks 18]

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