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Punjab University 2008 B.A History - : A, : Part - II - Question Paper

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 01:50Web

B.A. second Year

Paper:A:History of India(1750-1964)A.D.

Time Allowed: 3 Hours] [Maximum Marks:90

Note:- (i) Attempt 5 ques. in all.
(ii) Select 1 ques. from every Unit.
(iii) ques. No. I is compulsory.
(iv) An outline map of India is attached herewith.

I. Answer any 9 of the subsequent in about 25-30 words :

(i) When the battle of Plassey fought and what was its main outcome ?

(ii) What do you know about 'Dual system of Government ?

(iii) Name the 1st Governor General of India and under which Act this
title was provided.

(iv) Who abolished sati system and when ?

(v) Who opened the 1st Engineering college in India and where ?

(vi) Name the Mughal King who was imprisoned by the British after the
revolt of 1857. Where and when he died ?

(vii) What do you mean you commercialization of agriculture ?

(viii) Who was the founder of Aligarh Movement ? Why did he begin it ?

(ix) Who started the weekly "Harijan" and when ?

(x) Where and when was the 1st session of Indian National Congress
held ? Who presided over it ?

(xi) When the partition of Bengal took place and who was governor general
of India at that time ?

(xii) When and where was the resolution of Pakistan passed ?

(xiii) Who was Rajagopalachari ?

(xiv) What is the significance of January 26 in Indian history ?

(xv) Who is known as the Iron Man of India and why ?[Marks 2x9=18]


II. Briefly define the reforms of Cornwallis.[Marks 18]

III. What was the nature of the uprising of 1857 and why did it fail ?[Marks 18]


IV. Give an account of the origin and contribution of Arya Samaj.[Marks 18]

V. Briefly define the contribution of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar for the upliftment
of Depressed Classes.[Marks 18]


VI. Give the causes responsible for the origin and growth of nationalism in
India.[Marks 18]

VII. What were the circumstances leading to the Non-cooperation movement ?
Why did Gandhi suspend it ?[Marks 18]


VIII. What do you know about the integration of Princely states with Indian
union ?[Marks 18]

IX. On the outline map of India show the subsequent places and add explanatory
note on every :

(i) Madras (ii) Goa
(iii) Plassey (iv) Gwalior
(v) Lahore.[Marks 10,8=18]

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