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Punjab University 2008 B.A Physical Education - : A, : Part - II - Question Paper

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 01:30Web

B.A. 2nd Year

Time Allowed: 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 45

Note: (i) Attempt 4 ques. from Unit II,III,IV and V, selecting not
more than 1 ques. from every.
(ii) Unit-I is compulsory.
(iii) All ques. carry equal marks.


1. Attempt the subsequent short ques. :

(1) What do you mean by Learning Curve ?

(2) Define Personality.

(3) Define the term "Motivation."

(4) What do you mean by term Growth and Development ?

(5) What are the kinds of Learning Curves ?

(6) Enlist the dimensions of Personality.

(7) How many kinds of Transfer of Training ?

(8) Define Plateau.

(9) Give 2 suggestions for improvement of sports performance.[Marks 9x1=9]


2. Describe the different principles of Motor Skill Learning.[Marks 9]

3. How will you motivate an unwilling player to learn sports skill ?[Marks 9]


4. Discuss in detail the issue of an adolescent.[Marks 9]

5. Describe in detail any 2 stages of growth and development.[Marks 9


6. Discuss in detail the characteristics of Personality.[Marks 9]

7. Describe the role of heredity and environment in the development of
Personality.[Marks 9]


8. Describe the role of Indian Economy in the development of sports and games
after 1947.[Marks 9]

9. What are the reasons for degradation in our sports display on the international
level ?[Marks 9]

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