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Kuvempu University 2008 B.Sc Information Technology COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS - Question Paper

Thursday, 24 January 2013 09:30Web

BT A - 12/BSIT - 12
I Semester B.Sc. (IT) Examination, November 2008
Directorate of Distance Education Course
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 100
Instructions: 1) Part A ans all ques. and every carries 1 mark.
2) Part B ans any 5 full ques. every full
ques. carries 15 marks.
ans all questions, every ques. carries 1 mark. (25x1=25)
State actual or false.
1. Classification of computers done depending on size cost and configuration.
2. Complier is a software which converts machine language to high level language.
3. The Daisy wheel printers are called non-impact printers.
4. Line printers are impact printers.
5. Drum printer is a line printer.
6. The amount of data that can be stored in the storage unit is called the storage
7. Primary storage is generally referred to as RAM.
8. The info stored inside a ROM gets lost when the power supply is switched
9. In sequential access device, access time for all locations is identical.
10. Magnetic disk and magnetic drum are typical sequential access.
Fill in the blanks:
11. ___________are the facts or info raw materials represented by Symbols.
12. Arranging, classified data in a predetermined sequence to facilitate processing
is called ___________
13. The word “data” is the plural of datum which means___________
14. ___________a network does not have any dedicated servers.
15. In a ___________topology, computers are connected by a cable segments to a
centralized device.
ans the subsequent ques..
16. What is a Computer Virus ?
17. What is an USB ?
18. What is firmware ?
19. What is memory cell ?
20. describe Reference model.
21. What is an interpreter?
22. What is an interface?
23. describe access method.
24. elaborate multimedia terminale ?
25. What is Search Engine?
ans any 5 full questions, every full ques. carries 15 marks. (5x15=75)
1. a) What is a software? discuss various kinds of softwares. 8
b) discuss in briefly the computer capabilities. 7
2. a) discuss how computers are classified. 8
b) Briefly discuss the microprocessor history. 7
3. a) discuss the functions of operating system. 8
b) discuss the difference ranging from high level - language and low-level language. 7
4. a) List and discuss various kinds of translators. 8
b) discuss any 2 input devices. 7
5. a) With main parts discuss the various kinds of Scanner. 10
b) Briefly discuss the basic working principle of a plotter. 5
6. a) What is primary memory ? provide the various classification of primary memory.
b) elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic storage devices. 5
7. a) discuss the OS reference model in detail. 10
b) elaborate the different components used in a network. 5
8. a) What is computer network? discuss the various kinds of computer network. 8
b) discuss the communication model in multimedia. 7
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