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Kuvempu University 2008 B.Sc Information Technology DATA STRUCTURES USING ‘C’ - Question Paper

Thursday, 24 January 2013 09:10Web

II Semester B.Sc. (IT) Examination, November 2008
Directorate of Distance Education Course
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 100
Instructions: 1) Part - A ans all ques..
2) Part - B ans any 5 full ques..
I. ans all the ques.. every carries two marks. (5x2=10)
1) What is pointer? elaborate its advantage and disadvantage ?
2) What is enumerated’ constant? ,Give its declaration syntax.
3) What is the difference ranging from simple queue and circular queue ?
4) What is Adjacency matrix ? How it is useful.
5) Recursion takes more execution time when compare to iteration? provide cause.
II. ans all the ques.. every carries three marks: (5x3=15)
1) Write a function to obtain string length by using pointers.
2) What is dynamic memory allocation ? List out different function available for
dynamic memory allocation and provide their prototype declaration.
3) What is stack ? discuss stack operation.
4) provide classification of Data structure with an example for every.
5) describe rooted tree and provide its pictorial representation.
I. ans any 5 full question: (5x15=75)
1. a) discuss various storage classes with an example for every and also discuss
scope and life time of the variable. 10
b) discuss Dangling Pointer issue. 5
2. a) describe a structure of a student, with structure members learner name of kind
class, learner roll number of kind int, semester of kind int. Write a program to
learn this structure and print this structure on the screen. 10
b) Write a recursive function to obtain a factorial of a number. 5
3. a) discuss the basic operations that can be performed on a stack. 8
b) discuss the steps followed for evaluating a postfix expression. 7
4. a) Write the function definition of all basic primitive operations. performed on
queue and also check for queue empty and queue full condition. 10
b) Write a note on passing parameters to function. 5
5 .Write function definition to implement the subsequent in simpley linked ink.
a) To delete the specified node from the list. 8
b) To add the node at the end of the list. 7
6. a) provide node representation of binary tree,
Algorithm to create a binary tree and write
C Function to created a binary tree 10
b) Write a note on shortest path issue. 5
7. a) What is binary search tree ? Construct the binary search tree for the subsequent
21, 6, 9, 4, 17, 24, 12, 10, 35, 31, 30, 13.
What is the advantage of BST over a binary tree. 8
b) Write an algorithm for merge sort. 7
8. Write short note for the following: (5x3=15)
a) DFS
b) Binary search method.
c) Applications of queue.
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