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Kuvempu University 2008 B.Sc Information Technology BASICS OF DBMS - Question Paper

Thursday, 24 January 2013 09:00Web

BTB - 24/BSIT - 24
Second Semester B.Sc. (IT) Examination, November 2008
Directorate of Distance Education Course
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 100
Instructions: 1) Part A - ans all the ques..
2) Part B - ans any 5 full ques..
I. ans all the following: (5x2=10)
1) discuss briefly the tasks of DBMs packages. 2
2) describe Field and Record with an example. 2
3) discuss briefly 3 important data models. 2
4) What is the difference ranging from single-valued of multi valued attributes. 2
5) What is Candidate Key ? provide example. 2
II. ans all the questions: (5x3=15)
1) discuss various role of DB Administrator.
2) List out advantage and disadvantage of sequestial organization.
3) discuss any 2 mapping cardinalities with example.
4) List out advantages of Relational model.
5) What is collision? Name various collision resolution methods.
ans any 5 full question: (5x15=75)
1. a) discuss various kinds of databases. 7
b) elaborate the disadvantages of file oriented approaches? discuss. 8
2. a) discuss the structure of index sequential file ? elaborate the various
components of it ? 7
b) discuss the subsequent terms : 8
1) Ternary relationship
2) Cardinality ratio
3. a) List and discuss the rules of relational model. 7
b) discuss structure of Hierarchical model with an example. 8
4. a) What is Hashing? define various hashing with suitable examples. 8
b) What do you mean by DB security ? discuss problems to be addressed in
DB Security. 7
5. a) discuss the steps to create. Form in MS Access. 7
b) discuss the steps to create report. 8
6. a) discuss briefly discretionary and mandatory access control methods. 8
b) discuss the various phases of DB development life cycle. 7
7. a) discuss briefly various kinds of attributes occur in the ER model. 7
b) discuss various kinds of indexes with example. 8
8. Write short note on : (5x3=15)
a) Record and Record organization
b) E-R diagram
c) Object relational and object oriented model
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