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Kuvempu University 2008 B.Sc Information Technology OOPS WITH C++ - Question Paper

Thursday, 24 January 2013 08:45Web

III Semester B.Sc. (IT) Examination, November 2008
Directorate of Distance Education Course
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 100
Instructions: 1) ans all ques. from Part - A.
2) ans any 5 full ques. from Part - B.
ans to all the ques.. (25x1=25)
Fill in the blanks
1. By default, floating point literals have___________ precision.
2. A character literal preceded by ‘L’ is known as___________literal.
3. If we do not use a sign bit, the range of possible values for an intergor is ___________
4. ___________is a basic building block of the program.
5. ___________is also known as 1st assignment.
6. Goto statement is rarely used in C++ because___________
7. A single function name can have multiple___________
8. The compiler matches the constructors depending on how the class is___________
9. The___________and___________of the argument are used to choose the best
match from the candidate function.
10. A friend function will have___________argument for unary operater
and ___________for binary operator.
Say actual or False.
11. Variables can start with a number.
12. Declaration of the variables allocates the improper storage in the memory.
13. r - value of the variables can be a literal.
14. In the union all the variables share identical physical storage and variable is
described at a time.
15. The content of 1 structure can be assigned to a different as long as they are of
the identical kind.
16. Constructor is invoked explicitly.
17. Constructors should be declared in the public part.
18. Copy constructor can be used when the function returns an object.
19. The objects are destroyed in the order of their creation.
20. There should always be a destructor described in a class having constuctor.
State who am I.
21. I allow the combination of various kinds of inheritance.
22. I am a collection of homogeneous data elements. I am stored in contiguous
location. I am accessed with the concept of indexing.
23. I can point any data kinds but I cannot be dereferenced directly.
24. I store the address than the values. I enable complex “linked” data structure.
I allow various parts of the program to be shared easily.
25. I give a convenient means of keeping related info together. Also I
consist of several various variables, which are logically connected, but memory
is allocated to the every member of mine.
ans any 5 ques.. (5x15 = 75)
1. a) discuss the various data kinds supported in C++ with a classification
chart. 10
b) describe object and class. List the various object oriented languages. 5
2. a) State the rules to be followed for naming the variables? 5
b) Differentiate ranging from constant and volatile qualifier. 4
c) describe and discuss the auto variables and Instance variables. 6
3. a) What is a pointer? With suitable example discuss the concept of
referencing and dereferencing with pointer. 10
b) discuss the memory representation of array. 5
4. a) discuss the various bitwise operators supported in C++. provide their
precedence and associativity. 10
b) discuss the dynamic memory allocation in C++ with an example. 5
5. a) discuss the c1asification of statements in C++. provide an example for
every kind of statement. 12
b) define the properties of algorithm. 3
6. a) Write a C++ program and flowchart to obtain the largest of three numbers. 8
b) Write a program in C++ to add 2 complex numbers. 7
7. a) discuss the various parameter passing mechanisms in C++. provide an
example for every mechanism. 10
b) Briefly discuss the inline function with an example. 5
8. a) With an example discuss the storage classes in C++. 8
b) discuss the concept of copy constructor and dynamic constructor with
an example. 7
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