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Kuvempu University 2011 B.B.M Kuvempuuniversity, - Question Paper

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X 520 Page No...1
2nd semester B.A / B.Sc., / B.Com., B.B.M
/B.C.A/ B.S.W Degree exams
November / December 2011
(Semester Scheme)


Time :3hrs] [Max. Marks : 80

1. Draw diagram wherever necessary.
2. ans ques. No. I in 1st 2 pages of the ans book.

I. ans the subsequent in 1 or 2 sentences:

1. What is afforestation?
2. describe Food Chain.
3. elaborate the Endemic Plant Species?
4. Who coined the term Ecology?
5. Which pollutant causes Minamata disease?
6. Expand IUCN.
7. elaborate the fossil Fuels?
8. Which is the highest mountain peak in karnataka?
9. What is Ecesis?
10. Name the International Pesticide Company causes Bhoopal Gas Tragedy.

II. Short ans questions:

ans any 5 of the following:

1. What is soil Erosion? Mention causes for Soil Erosion.
2. Difference ranging from Wildlife Sanctuary and National park.
3. Write a note on Photochemical Smog.
4. Write a note on any 1 Environmental movement.
5. Mention the causes of Deforestation
6. Wildlife Protection Act. - Write Salient features.
7. List out advantages of Dams.

III. Medium ans questions:

ans any 7 of the following:

1. discuss and Importance of Environmental Studies.
2. explain the importance of conservation of Biodiversity.
3. discuss the effects of Non-degradate pollutants on Environment.
four Write a note on Renewable energy resource.
5. provide an account of Heavy Metal Pollution
6. discuss the Role of Individual in conservation of natural resources.
7. provide an account of Ecological succession.
8. elaborate the advantages of social forestry?
9. discuss the effects of Population Explosion.

IV. Long ans questions:

1. What is air Pollutants? define the causes, effects and control measures of Air pollution.

discuss the following:
a) Management of Solid Waste.
b) Ecological pyramids.

2. What is Eco System? Mention the kinds of Eco System and define Pond Eco System.

discuss the following:
a) Human Rights
b) Threats of Biodiversity/

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