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Kuvempu University 2010 B.B.M Kuvempuuniversity, - exam paper

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3rd Semester B.B.M. Degree exam

November 2011

(2010 Scheme)


Time: 3hrs Max. Marks: 80


ans any Ten ques.. two marks every. 2*10=20

1. describe Contract? Write any 2 essentials of contract?
2. What is acceptance? provide any 2 essentials of valid acceptance.
3. describe memorandum of association.
4. What is offer? Write the essential of a valid offer.
5. What is partnership. provide any 2 features of partnership
6. What is consideration? elaborate the essential of valid consideration.
7. What is free consent?
8. What is prospectus?
9. elaborate the difference ranging from indemnity and guarantee
10.What is "Bailment" and "Pledge"?
11.Write any 4 rights of consumer under consumer protection ac t 1956.
12.What is discharge of contract?


ans any 3 ques.. five marks every.

13. discuss the difference kinds of contract.
14. discuss the contents of memorandum of association.
15. Who is unpaid seller elaborate the rights of unpaid seller?
16. What is Breach of contract? provide the remedies of breach of contract?
17. Differentiate ranging from specific offer and general offer?


ans any 3 ques.. 15 marks every.

18. What is void and voidable contract? elaborate the essentials of valid contract.
19. What is prospectus? elaborate its contacts? discuss the consequences of wrong statement in prospectus.
20. discuss the rights and duties of Bailer and bailee
21.Explain in details the features of partnership and modes of dissolution of a firm.
22.Explain in details consumer protection act 1956?

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