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Kuvempu University 2010 B.B.M Kuvempuuniversity, - Question Paper

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1st semester B.B.M Degree exam
Nov/Dec 2011

Time:3hrs Max.Marks: 80
ans any TEN ques.. 2marks every 2*10=20
1. Mention any 4 characteristics of managerial economics.
2. provide the meaning of the principle of opportunity cost.
3. elaborate the determinants of demand?
4. provide the meaning of income of elasticity of demand.
5. elaborate the objectives of short period demand forecasting?
6. What is production function?
7. Draw break even chart
8. Mention the prerequisites to make price discrimination effective.
9. provide the meaning of payback period.
10. Mention the need of capital budgeting
11. Why does the demand for lonable funds arise?
12. Distinguish ranging from variable cost and fixed cost.

ans any 3 ques.. 5marks every 3*5=15
13. explain the price elasticity of demand.
14. Examine the criteria of a good forecasting method
15. discuss the characteristics of oligopoly.
16. discuss the merits and demerits of cost-plus pricing.
17. Examine internal economies of scale

ans any 3 ques.. 15marks every 3*15=45
18. describe managerial economics and discuss its scope
19. discuss the legal regulations of demand with schedule. elaborate the exceptions to this law?
20. discuss the features of perfect competition. Sketch the price out-put determination under this market.
21. Critically examine the liquidity preference theory of interest.
22. elaborate the steps involved in demand forecasting.

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