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Andhra University 2009 B.Com I BOM -2010 - Question Paper

Wednesday, 01 May 2013 12:40Web

B.Com Degree exam March 2010
Business Organisatin and Management
Time: 3hrs Max Marks: 70
ans ALL ques. 1 after the other in the identical serial order.
Sectin - I (4x10 = 40 Marks)
1. (a) explain the preliminary considerations which a businessan should keep in mind while selecting a form of organisation.
(b) discuss the Fayol's principles of management.
2.(a) discuss the various stages in the formation of a company.
(b) What is Decision Making? discuss the steps involved in Decision Making process.
3.(a) discuss the different sources of long term and short term finances.
(b) What is planning? discuss its importance.
4.(a) Who is an Entrepreneur? discuss the different functions of an entrepreneur.
(b) What is Deligation of Authority? discuss the differences ranging from Delegation and Decentralisation.
part – II (5x4 = 20 Marks)
ans any 5 of the subsequent
5. kinds of Entrepreneures
6. Differences ranging from Authority and Power
7. Partnership Deed
8. Line and Staff organisation
9. kinds of Companies
10. Decision – Making
11. Prospectus
12. Scientifiec Management
part – III (5x2 = 10 Marks)
ans the subsequent
13. Trade
14. Planning
15. Leadership
16. Statement-in-lieu of Prospectues
17. Organisation

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