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Deemed University 2010 B.A Value sed education - Question Paper

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 04:40Web

part - A

ans all the ques.. ans should be about 50 words. All ques. carry equal marks.

1. Mention the important values of human life. [marks 2]

2. discuss the importance of self analysis. [marks 2]

3. provide the importance of truthfulness and Altruism in Character formation. [marks 2]

4. discuss the role of religious values in human development. [marks 2]

5. describe National integration. [marks 2]

6. Write notes on universal brotherhood. [marks 2]

7. Mention a few materialistic values. [marks 2]

8. What is arrogance? [marks 2]

9. How meditation is important to mind and soul. [marks 2]

10. Mention the benefits of Asanas. [marks 2]

part - B

ans all the ques. Choosing either (a) or (b)
every ans should be about 300 words.
All ques. carry equal marks.

11. a) Gie a brief account on evolution of value oriented education. [marks 5]


b) Write notes on a) Sacrifice b) Tolerance [marks 5]

12. a) explain the role of secularism and equality in National development. [marks 5]


b) discuss how professional values are importance in developing professional ethics. [marks 5]

13. a) provide brief notes on International understanding. [marks 5]


b) Professional challenges and compromise - discuss. [marks 5]

14. a) explain the impact of Mass media on Global development. [marks 5]


b) discuss the role of positive and negative thoughts in improving the personality. [marks 5]

15. a) Mention the importance of blessing. [marks 5]


b) provide an account on the reasons for the worry to occur. [marks 5]

part - C

ans any 3 ques.. every ans should be about 1000 words.
All ques. carry equal marks.

16. Write an essay on aim of value education. [marks 10]

17. provide a detailed account on aesthetic values. [marks 10]

18. What is personal development. discuss how introspection helps in personal development. [marks 10]

19. Write an essay on adolescent emotions. [marks 10]

20. explain the importance of exercises in control of mind. [marks 10]

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