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Deemed University 2009 A.M.I.E.T.E Electronics

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h. The programs that are as permanent as Hardware and stored in ROM are called as ____________.

(A) software (B) hardware
(C) firmware (D) ROMware

i. The main memory of a computer has two cm blocks while the cache has two c blocks. If the cache uses the set associative mapping scheme with two blocks per set, then block k of the main memory maps to the set ________________.

(A) (k mod m) of the cache (B) (k mod c) of the cache
(C) (k mod 2c) of the cache (D) (k mod two cm) of the cache

j. SCSI is the term related with

(A) storage. (B) network data transfer.
(C) keystroke rate. (D) picture resolution.

ans any 5 ques. out of 8 ques..
every ques. carries 16 marks.

Q.2 a. Working and architecture of 8255 with its interfacing with 8086. (10)

b. A program to count number of words in a provided string. (6)

Q.3 a. discuss descriptor format for 80386. (4)

b. What do you mean by protected mode memory addressing? (4)

c. Timing diagrams for the instructions: CALL, INX H. (8)

Q.4 a. How Cache performance in Cisc architecture is taken care by Risc architectures? (Hint: Register Window). (10)

b. Design the circuit for parity generator & checker for 3-bit input data. Also show the communication linkages ranging from them. (6) (8)

Q.5 a. Which are the basic addressing modes in any of the microprocessor? discuss their usage for certain conditions with examples. (10)

b. Write an assembly program to sort 10 8 bit numbers in ascending form. (6)

Q.6 a. Show the complete interfacing of seven segment LED using negative logic. (6)

b. discuss subsequent terms:

(i) Zone bit recording (ii) Head skewing
(iii) Cylinder skewing (iv) Sector
(v) De bouncing (10)

Q.7 a. What is interrupt? How is it executed? elaborate various kinds of interrupts? (8)

b. Sketch the serial output waveform for character A when it is transmitted with 9600 baud. (4)

c. Setup the 8254 as square wave generator with one ms period, if the input frequency is one MHz. (4)

Q.8 a. define about different bus structures like ISA, EISA, PCI. Why do we have various bus structures? (8)

b. Design "Direct Mapping" scheme for the data provided beneath and discuss its

Main Memory Size = 16K
Cache Size = 4K
Block Size = 256 words (8)

Q.9 a. Write a note on Virtual Memory with its advantages. (8)

b. Write an assembly program to convert a decimal number in any other provided number system. (8)

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