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Kakatiya University (KU) 2008 B.Ed B Ed Methods of Teaching English - Question Paper

Thursday, 24 January 2013 03:50Web

B.Ed. Degree exams
Subject: Methods of Teaching English
Time:3 Hours Max. Marks:100

ans any TEN ques..
every ques. carries seven marks.

1. English as a 2nd language in India- Elucidate.

2. elaborate the issues in teaching/learning English as a 2nd language in India?

3. define the various methods of teaching English gramme and which method do you prefer to adopt?

4. What is role play and how does it help students in learning a language?

5. elaborate the sounds that do not occur in mother-tongue? Illustrate with examples.

6. What is stress? Illustrate word-stress with examples.

7. define various ways of developing studying skills.

8. elaborate the important components of the skill of listening?

9. elaborate the supplementary skills?

10. Elucidate 'Note-making and Note-taking'.

11. define the strategies to develop vocabulary in English.

12. Distinguish ranging from formal grammar and funtional grammar.

13. define the merits and limitations of Grammar Translation Methods.

14. Differentiate ranging from Direct Method and studying Method.

15. elaborate the diffrent steps elaborate suggested to teach a prose lesson?

16. define the principles of curriculum construction.

PART - B (Marks : 2x15=30)
ans any 2 ques.
every ques. carries 15 marks.

17. (a) define various kinds of tests. How are stadardized tests various from teacher-made tests?


(b) define in detail Formative valuation and Summative valuation.

18. (a) Write a lesson plan to teach a poem.


(b) provide in detail Multiple uses of a dictionary.

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