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University of Pune 2010 B.Pharm Pharmaceutics – III - Question Paper

Monday, 22 April 2013 11:55Web

[3856] – 31
Third Year B.Pharmacy. Examination, 2010(2004 Course)
Pharmaceutics – III
Time : three Hours
Max. Marks : 80
1) Q. Nos. one and five are compulsory. Out of the remaining, attempt 2 ques. from part I and 2 ques. from part II.
2) Answers to the 2 parts should be written in separate books.
3) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
4) Black figures to the right indicate full marks.

part – I
1. discuss physicochemical properties, biopharmaceutical considerations and therapeutic aspects and their significance in design of oral solid dosage form. 10

A) Mention objectives of granulation. explain fluid bed granulation. 8
B) explain formulation aspects of effervescent tablet. discuss storage and packaging for effervescent tablets. 7

A) explain in process quality control tests in manufacture of uncoated tablet with its significance. 8
B) discuss in detail rotary die process. 7

4. Write short notes on (any three) : 15
1) Blister packaging
2) 'Hardness' of soft gelatin
3) Compression cycle
4) Container closure interactions.[3856] – 31 

part – II
5. elaborate eye make up preparations ? Mention objectives of them. discuss eye mascara and eye shadow in detail. 10

A) elaborate instabilities of emulsion ? discuss in detail with reasons of instabilities. 8
B) elaborate flocculated and deflocculated suspension ? Write about valuation of suspension. 7

A) What is vanishing cream ? provide an account of formulation aspects of vanishing cream. 8
B) define ointment bases with improper examples. 7

8. Write short notes on (any three) : 15
1) HLB value and selection of emulsifying agent
2) Gelling agents
3) Nail laquers
4) Glycero-gelatin suppositories.

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