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University of Pune 2010 B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis – II (2004 ) - Question Paper

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Third Year B.Pharmacy Examination, 2010
Pharmaceutical Analysis – II (2004 Course)
Time : three Hours
Max. Marks : 80
1) ques. Nos. one and five are compulsory. Out of the remaining attempt two ques. from part I and two ques. from part II.
2) Answers to the 2 parts should be written in separate ans books.
3) Neat diagram must be drawn wherever necessary.
4) Black figures to the right indicate full marks.

part – I
A) What is EMR ? provide the wave properties of it. Classify various analytical methods based on interaction of EMR with material to be analyzed. 7
B) discuss option of solvent in UV – vis spectroscopy. 3

A) What is linear scale polarography ? define different factors affecting limiting current in polarography. 8
B) Draw neat diagram of polarimeter. How angle of rotation of compound is determined. 7

A) elaborate the various electrodes used in potentiometry ? State and discuss various methods of end point detection for potentiometry. 8
B) discuss working of combined glass electrode with the help of neat diagram. 7

A) elaborate the various thermal methods of analysis ? discuss factors affecting thermo gravimetric outcomes. 7
B) discuss how Nephelometry and Turbidometry differs. provide Instrumentation and application of turbidometric analysis. 8

part – II
A) discuss how chromatography is superior separation technique. Write about selection of chromatographic methods of analysis. 6
B) elaborate adsorbents used in TLC ? 2
C) What is grain direction and capacity factor ? 2

A) State principle of fluorometry. Draw a neat tagged diagram of fluorometer. 7
B) discuss terms : 4
a) Internal conversion
b) Intersystem crossing.
C) discuss factors affecting fluorescence. 4

A) discuss Van Deemters formula in detail. How it helps to improve column performance. 5
B) Write theory UV of visible spectroscopy. 5
C) Write about measurement of angle of refraction. 5

8. Write a note on any 3 : 15
a) Amperometric titrations
b) Principle and theory of Radioimmunoassay
c) Derivative spectrophotometry
d) Dropping mercury Electrode.

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