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University of Pune 2010 B.Pharm Pharmacognosy – III (Industrial) (2004 ) - Question Paper

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[3856] – 41
IV Year B.Pharm. Examination, 2010
Pharmacognosy – III (Industrial) (2004 Course)
Time : three Hours
Total Marks : 80
1) Q. Nos. one and five are compulsory. Out of the remaining, attempt two ques. from part I and two ques. from part II.
2) Answers to the 2 parts should be written in separate books.
3) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
4) Black figures to the right indicate full marks.

part – I
1. ans the subsequent ques. in brief (any 5) : 10
i) What is the use of Colchicine in Horticulture ?
ii) State the hydrolysis production of
a) Atropine
b) Cocaine.
iii) Write the water soluble pair of Ergot alkaloids. What is its pharmacological use ?
iv) Enlist 4 varieties of Cinchona mentioning their chemical difference.
v) Write 2 microscopical differences ranging from Vinca leaf and Vasaka leaf.
vi) What is Murexide Test ? Write its significance.[3856] – 41 -2- 

A) elaborate actual alkaloids, proto alkaloids and pseudo alkaloids ? provide examples of every class with atleast 1 structure of every. 5
B) Draw a well labelled diagram of T.S. of Datura leaf, enlisting important diagnostic features. 5
C) Differentiate ranging from subsequent crude drugs with atleast 5 features in every :
i) Brazillian Ipecac Panama Ipecac
ii) Lobelia I.P. Lobelia B.P. 5

A) provide what are chemical account of an indole alkaloid containing drug found from fungal source. 5
B) discuss role of hybridization and cell immobilization in cultivation and preservation of medicinal plants. 5
C) Write a note on opium alkaloids. 5

4. Write notes on (any three) : 15
a) Shankhapushpi and Gulvel
b) Plant Allergens
c) Cardiovascular agents of Marine source
d) Chemical relationship ranging from Ipecac Alkaloids.

part – II
A) define the procedure for determination of subsequent valuation parameters as per WHO guidelines :
i) Bitterness value
ii) Foaming Index. 5
B) define structural illucidation (by instrumental technique) of Reserpine OR Digoxine. 5

A) Draw a flow diagram for preliminary phytochemical screening of crude drugs. provide important chemical tests for their detection. 5
B) elaborate different kinds of herbal industries ? provide an what are account. 5
C) define principle and applications of Craig's counter current extraction apparatus. 5

A) elaborate Bhasmas ? provide their method of preparation. What valuation parameters are used to keep check on their purity ? 5
B) provide principle and instrumentation of Supercritical fluid extraction. elaborate its advantages over other methods of extraction ? discuss with examples. 5
C) What is the difference ranging from Dicoction and Avaleha ? elaborate their advantages over 1 a different ? Enlist their valuation parameters. 5

8. Write notes on (any three) : 15
a) Skin and hair cosmetics
b) Determination of Microbial Load
c) Asava and Arishta
d) Regulatory aspects of import-export of herbal drugs.

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