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University of Pune 2010 B.Pharm Pharmacognosy – I(2004 ) - Question Paper

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First Year B.Pharm. Examination, 2010
Pharmacognosy – I(2004 Course)
Time : three Hours Max. Marks : 80
Instructions :
1) ques. Nos. one and five are compulsory. Out of remaining attempt any two ques. from part I and any two ques. from part II.
2) Answers to the 2 parts should be written in separate books.
3) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
4) Black figures to the right indicate full marks.

part – I
1. elaborate plant growth regulators ? What is the significance of Auxins as growth regulator ? 10

A) What is a pesticide ? provide the characteristics of an ideal pesticide. 8
B) define the anatomy of leaf. 7

A) elaborate Natural gums ? How are they formed ? provide the importance of Acacia. 8
B) describe fruit. Classify fruits. Write in detail about indehiscent fruits. 7

A) Write short note on (any three) :
a) Stomatal no.
b) Foreign Organic matter
c) Vegetative propagation
d) Similar similibus caventur. 15

part – II
5. describe "crude drug". provide the contribution of Galen in the history of Pharmacognosy. 10

A) Difference ranging from Indian gum and Ghatti gum. 7
B) Significance of refractive index and optical rotation in drug valuation. 8

A) Which are the option systems of medicine ? Write about Homeopathic system of medicine. 7
B)What is principal of 'Karl Fischer' Method ? 8

A) Write short note on (any three) :
a) Palisade Ratio
b) Japanese Isinglass
c) Loss on Drying
d) Substitution.

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