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University of Pune 2010 B.Pharm 2.3 : Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (2008 ) - Question Paper

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Second Year B.Pharmacy Examination, 2010
2.3 : Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (2008 Course)
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 80
Note :
1) Q. one and Q. five are compulsory. Out of remaining attempt any 2 ques. from every part.
2) Draw well labelled diagram wherever necessary.
3) Answers to the 2 parts should be written in separate books.
4) Figures to right indicate full marks.

part – I
I. What is BMR ? define the factors affecting the BMR in detail. 10

a) Classify carbohydrate with examples and discuss Chitin. 8
b) define Kidney function test in detail. 7

a) define uronic acid pathway with the functions of glucoronic acid. 8
b) define cell organelles with their roles. 7

IV. Write short notes on (any three) : 15
a) Genetic disorders of carbohydrate metabolism.
b) PCR technique.
c) Essential fatty acids and their biochemical functions
d) Bio membranes.

part – II
V.Classify Enzymes with suitable examples and discuss competitive and non-competitive enzyme inhibition. 10

a) discuss citric acid cycle in detail ? Why it is amphibolic in nature ? 8
b) Write in detail about purine metabolism. 7

a) provide biochemical functions of fat soluble vitamins. 8
b) define Kreb-Hensleit cycle. 7

VIII.Write short notes on (any three) : 15
a) Essential and Non-essential amino acids
b) Renal mechanism of acid base balance.
c) Biosynthesis of cholesterol.
d) Homeostasis of blood.

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