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Jadavpur University 2011 B.A English Honors admission test of - Question Paper

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University name: Jadavpur University
Paper name: B.A. English admission test
Academic year: 2011

This ques. paper is clean and neat, devoid of any marks or folds. It is genuine and can be used by students to prepare for the examination. The attachment is a pdf file and so you must have a pdf learner installed in your computer to view the ques. paper.


Answer Part 1 first.

Pari H will be assessed only if you qualify in Part I


1.    Correct the mistakes in the following passage. Candidates are advised that no rewriting of the sentences will be allowed.    10

Dear Sweety,

Hope this find you in good health. I am so morosed at not having received your letters or phone calls, inspite of my having called several times. Try to cope up better with your problems. Please convey my best wishes back to your parents. I am first going to Goa and then onto Mumbai for a holiday in July, as 1 have fewer responsibility in office now. Could I meet you up somewhere before I go? I would like to explain you my plans.

Yours sincerely,


2.    Pair the first word in each line with the word or phrase nearest in meaning to it from those given within brackets. Write only the paired set in your exercise book. 1x10=10

a.    Disabuse: (criticize, praise, undeceive, rant, handy)

b.    Moult: (shed feathers, hillock fungus, pudding bowl, shout)

c.    Craven: (coloured chalk, cowardly, beg, longing, scavenging bird)

d.    Offload: (pack, pile, excessive weight, rubbish, get rid of)

e.    Festal: (rot, joyous, ribbon, lot, doorway)

f.    Slake: (stick, gravel, loose, satisfy, roundworm)

g.    Overblown: (blown away, blown apart, burst, excessively inflated, overpowering)

h.    Upshot: (bicycle kick, lob, kind of bullet, outcome, fire upwards)

i.    Importunate: (unfortunate, foreign trade, pompous, lucky, pressing) j. Evince: (conquer, persuade, make evident, disembowel, expel)

3.    Use the following words to fill up the blanks in the sentences below'. Each word is to be used only once, lx 10 = 10

Institute, constitution, monograph, monologue, exaction, inaction, comprehend, apprehend, metre, meter.

1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions set in your own words. Do not use the phrasing of the passage.

WHOSOEVER has observed that sedate and clerical bird, the rook, may perhaps have noticed that when he wings his way homeward towards nightfall, in a sedate and clerical company, two rooks will suddenly detach themselves from the rest, will retrace their flight for some distance, and will there poise and linger; conveying to mere men the fancy that it is of some occult importance to the body politic, that this artful couple should pretend to have renounced connection with it.

Similarly, service being over in the old Cathedral with the square tower, and the choir scuffling out again, and divers venerable persons of rook-like aspect dispersing, two of these latter retrace their steps, and walk together in the echoing Close.    '

Not only is the day waning, but the year. The low sun is fiery and yet cold behind the monastery ruin, and the Virginia creeper on the Cathedral wall has showered half its deep-red leaves down on the pavement. There has been rain this afternoon, and a wintry shudder goes among the little pools on the cracked, uneven flag-stones, and through the giant elm-trees as they shed a gust of tears. Their fallen leaves lie strewn thickly about. Some of these leaves, in a timid rush, seek sanctuary within the low arched Cathedral door; but two men coming out resist them, and cast them forth again with their feet; this done, one of the two locks the door with a goodly key, and the other flits away with a folio music-book.

'Mr. Jasper was that, Tope?'

'Yes, Mr. Dean.'

Tie has stayed late.'

'Yes, Mr. Dean. I have stayed for him, your Reverence. He has been took a little poorly.'

'Say "taken, Tope - to the Dean,' the younger rook interposes in a low tone with this touch of correction, as who should say: 'You may ofTerJ>ad grammar to the laity, or the humbler clergy, not to the Dean.' '

Mr. Tope, Chief Verger and Showman, and accustomed to be high with excursion parties, declines with a silent loftiness to perceive that any suggestion has been tendered to him.

And when and how has Mr. Jasper been taken -- for, as Mr.Crisparklc has remarked, it is better to say taken - taken -' repeats the Dean; 'when and how has Mr. Jasper been taken '

Taken, sir,' Tope deferentially murmurs.

' Poorly, Tope?'

'Why, sir, Mr. Jasper was that breathed '

'1 wouldn't say "That breathed," Tope,' Mr.Crisparkle interposes with the same touch as before. "Not English - to the Dean.'

'Breathed to that extent,' the Dean (not unflattered by this indirect homage) condescendingly remarks, 'would be preferable.'

'Mr. Jaspers breathing was so remarkably short' - thus discreetly does Mr. Tope work his way round the sunken rock 'when he came in, that it distressed him mightily to get his notes out: which was perhaps the cause of his having a kind of fit on him after a little. His memory grew DAZED.' Mr.

Tope, with his eyes on the Reverend Mr.Crisparkle, shoots this word out, as defying him to improve upon it: 'and a dimness and giddiness crept over him as strange as ever I saw: though he didn't seem to mind it particularly, himself. However, a little time and a little water brought him out of his DAZE. Mr. Tope repeats the word and it emphasis, with the air of saying: 'As I have made a success, I'll make it again.1

'And Mr. Jasper has gone home quite himself, has he?' asked the Dean.

'Your Reverence, he has gone home quite himself. And I'm glad to see hes having his fire kindled up, for it's chilly after the wet, and the Cathedral had both a damp feel and a damp touch this afternoon, and he was very shivery.'


The police failed to__the miscreants.

_in such matters is as reprehensible as tyranny.

The_of the committeeJhas been termed unlawful.    .

iv.    He launched into an impassioned_on modern art

v.    Faulty_and poor rhymes mar the poem.    

vi.    He has published a_on the polyphonic motets of Lassus.

vii.    I still fail to_ your argument.

viii.    The voltage_is malfunctioning.

ix.    The government wishes to_some legal reforms.

x.    Forcible    of taxes fomented unrest amono the neasants.    . _

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