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Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University 2009 B.Pharm V – MODERN METHODS OF PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS Q.PCode : 564225 - - Question Paper

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[KU 734] Sub. Code: 4225
(ReRevised Regulations)Candidates Admittted upto 2003-04
Q.P. Code : 564225
Time : 3 hours Maximum : 90 marks
I. Essay ques. : ans any 2 ques.. (2 X 20 = 40)
1.a).Derive an expression for beer-lambert’s legal regulations as applied to solutions and write the
general principle, construction, working and applications of a double beam UV
visible spectrophotometer.
b)Explain in detail about photoluminescence? elaborate the relationship ranging from the
concentration and Fluorescence, and mention the structural features needed to provide
fluorescence with the help of a neat tag diagram.
2. a) discuss in detail the construction of Infra- red spectrophotometer.
b) explain ion exchange chromatography and how it differs from column
chromatrography, classify ion-exchange resins and provide
their structures and characteristics.
3. a) Compare the principles involved, common features and differences in the techniques
of nephelometry and turbidometry and explain their applications in pharmacy.
b) discuss in detail the construction and working of colomel electrode.
c) explain the factors affecting column efficiency.
II. Write Short Notes : ans any 8 ques.. (8X five = 40)
1. elaborate the various methods available to induce ionization of a sample in mass
2. Distinguish ranging from cis- trans isomers and keto-enol tautomers using UV –
3. explain the various kinds of radiation sources used in UV visible and IR
spectrometric methods and mention the various kinds of detectors used in IR
4. Name kinds of electrode used in titrations methods and discuss any one
5. Enumerate the applications of ion-exchange chromatography.
6. discuss the NMR phenomenon? In detail.
7. define the construction and working of a double beam spectroflurometer.
8. How to prepare TLC plates? The common absorbents used in TLC and the cultivation
of the TLC plates.
9. discuss different kinds of sample preparation techniques of I.R. spectrophotometry.
10. discuss amperometric titrations of curves with example.
III. Short Answers: ans any 5 ques.. (5X2 = 10)
1. Photoelectric colorimeter.
2. Reference electrodes.
3. Batchochromic shift.
4. Retention time.
5. Wood – ward’s rules in UV-spectroscopy.
6. discuss the terms chemical shift and shielding.
7. 2 – Dimensional chromatography.

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