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Saurastra University 2006 B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis : – II - Question Paper

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Fourth Year B. Pharm. exam
March / April – 2006
Pharmaceutical Analysis : Paper – II
Time : three Hours] [Total Marks : 80
Instructions : (1) Tie every part separately.
(2) Attempt any 4 ques. from every part.
(3) All ques. carry equal marks.
part - I
1 discuss theory of absorption of U.V. radiation by molecule. 10
of a drug at 240 nm is 570. Injection of two ml of drug
when diluted to one litre gave an absorbance of 0.452 at 240
nm, when measured in one cm cell. compute the amount of
drug in injection.
2 What is fluorescence? Deduce the formula for finding 10
out concentration by fluorimetry. provide block diagram for
3 Write the principles of working of a gas chromatograph 10
equipments. List out the different detectors used and mention
their limitations.
4 elaborate mass spectra? How is it useful in analysis ? 10
define mass spectrometer.
5 Attempt any 2 : 10
(i) Sample preparation in IR spectroscopy
(ii) Pumps used in HPLC
(iii) Assay of folic acid tablet I.P.
part - II
6 Write a note on : 10
(a) Photoemissive cell
(b) Assay principle of injection of sodium chloride and
SA-7670] two [ 100 ]
7 provide a brief theory of infrared spectra. How it differs from 10
ultra violet spectra? discuss its importance on
8 define the principle of NMR spectroscopy. explain spin 10
coupling. provide diagram of NMR spectrometer.
9 provide notes on : 10
(a) Properties of gamma radiation
(b) Gratting monochromator.
10 Attempt any 5 (with reason) : 10
(i) In Colourimetry assay of sulpha drug green filter is used.
(ii) Instrumental method of analysis are superior to chemical
(iii) Refractive index detector is universal detector.
(iv) Nitrogen gas does not absorb in I.R.
(v) U.V. spectra are continuous spectra.
(vi) Sodium hydrosulphite is used in assay of Riboflavin.
(vii) Tailing of chromotographic peaks are undesirable.

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