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Saurastra University 2006 B.Pharm Biopharmaceutics & Clinical Pharmacokinetics - Question Paper

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Fourth Year B. Pharm. exam
March / April – 2006
Biopharmaceutics & Clinical Pharmacokinetics
Time : three Hours] [Total Marks : 80
Instructions : (1) ans any 4 quesitons from every part
and tie them seperately.
(2) All ques. carry equal marks.
part – I
1 (a) describe Biopharmaceutics. provide schematic representation 5
of events of absorption metabolism and excretion of
drugs after their administration by different routes.
(b) How are the drugs transport through passive diffusion. 5
(b) How are the drugs transport through active transport. 5
2 (a) explain the drug distribution by giving 6
schematic representation. Enumerate the factors
attributed for unequal distribution of drug.
(b) How is the drug action terminated from body. 4
3 (a) describe prolonged release medications and classify 5
them with example. provide benefits of prolonged action
dosage forms.
(b) explain the design and valuation of osmotic 5
tablet or multiple effect tablets.
4 Comments on the subsequent (any five) : 10
(a) The absorption of the oral antifungal antibiotic
“Griseofulvin” is significantly improved when it is
administered with a high fat meal.
(b) Riboflavin is completely absorbed if it is administered
after standard break fast.
(c) The dissociation constant and pH has pronounced effect
on drug absorption through GIT.
SA-7668] two [ 100 ]
(d) Propionate ester of Erythromycin produce blood levels
two to 4 times higher than plain Erythromycin.
(e) Solid dispensions or co precipitates of low aqueous
solubility drug improve the bioavailability.
(f) Insulin products have various on set and duration of
(g) The drug having poor solubility have irregular
5 (a) define in brief different official models of in-vitro 6
drug dissolution testing.
(b) How is the drug dissolution rate affect bio-availability. 4
part - II
6 (a) describe clearance, total body clearance and organ 6
(b) Clearance is a more important parameter than half 6
life or elimination rate constant in expressing elimination
characteristics of a drug – discuss.
7 (a) What is GMP and cGMP ? 7
Why GMP is significant in regulating pharmaceutical
manufacturer. discuss.
(b) provide the organization responsible for production of 3
quality drug products under GMP.
8 explain any 2 of the following:
(a) Process validation.
(b) Drug interaction.
(c) Bio-equivalence.
9 explain in brief : 10
(a) Role of biological membrane in absorption and excretion
of drugs.
(b) explain the protein binding of drug and its importance.
10 (a) describe pharmacokinetics. provide objectives of 4
(b) explain in brief about pharmacokinetics variability. 6

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