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Saurastra University 2006 B.Pharm Biotechnology & Biological Pharmaceuticals - Question Paper

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Fourth Year B. Pharm. exam
March / April – 2006
Biotechnology & Biological Pharmaceuticals
Time : three Hours] [Total Marks : 80
Instruction : Attempt any 4 ques. from every part.
part – I
1 (a) provide the importance of strain development with suitable 5
example. Name few chemical mutagens.
(b) explain the importance of fermentation media. 5
Name the source of carbon and nitrogen. explain different
compounds used as source of carbon.
2 (a) Classify surgical dressings. define preparation and 5
valuation of surgical adhesive tapes.
(b) define a method of preparation and sterilization of 5
surgical cat-gut.
3 (a) define with flow-sheet, the methods for the production 6
of Riboflavin OR Vitamin-C.
(b) define the methods to find new metabolites. 4
4 (a) explain the immune system of human body. 5
(b) provide the list of products for active immunization. 5
define the method of preparation and storage
conditions of B.C.G. vaccine with flow sheet.
5 (a) define methods of fractionation of plasma proteins. 6
(b) provide properties of an ideal substitute. Enumerate
different plasma substitutes. 4
SA-7665] two [ 100 ]
part – II
6 (a) elaborate the characters of antigenic substances. 4
provide the source of antigens.
(b) How is insulin isolated and standardized from 6
pancreas gland ? provide various products of insulin.
7 (a) Write note on methods of preparation of following: 5
(i) Liquorice Liquid Extract I.P.
(ii) Kurchi Liquid Extract I.P.
(b) Enumerate different kinds of allergens. explain briefly 5
general method for preparation of allergenic extract.
8 (a) Enumerate different glands of human body and 5
enlist the products isolated from every gland.
(b) Write a note on Monoclonal Antibodies. 5
9 (a) define Polymerase Chain Reaction technology 5
in biotechnology.
(b) Write a note on cDNA library. 5
10 explain general techniques used in preparation of plant 10
tissue culture.

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