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Saurastra University 2006 B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Microbiology - Question Paper

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Third Year B. Pharm. exam
March / April – 2006
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Time : three Hours] [Total Marks : 80
Instructions : (1) ans any 4 quesitons from every seciton
and tie them separately.
(2) All ques. carry equal marks.
part – I
1 (a) describe the bacteria. Classify the bacteria on the 7
basis of :
(i) Physical conditions needed for the growth.
(ii) Whittaker’s 5 kingdom concept.
(b) Differentiate ranging from (any one) : 3
(i) Autotrophs and Heterotrophs
(ii) Gram positive and Gram negative.
2 (a) What is sterilization? Classify the methods of 5
sterilization and provide its mode of action.
(b) Discus the working, applications and limitation of 5
(any one) :
(i) Autoclave
(ii) Gaseous sterilization.
3 (a) explain briefly the aim of sterility testing. What 4
are the precautions to be taken during test for sterility ?
(b) explain in brief the methods of inactivation of 6
antibacterial sample.
4 (a) describe culture media. explain the nutritional 5
requirements of bacteria.
(b) explain differential and enriched culture media. 5
(b) Draw the growth curve for microorganisms and explain 5
various phases of microorganisms.
SA-6703] two [ 100 ]
5 (a) describe antiseptic disinfectants preservatives. 5
explain the different factors affecting rate and extent of
(b) How is the potency of disinfectants evaluated in the 4
presence of organic matter.
part - II
6 Comment on the subsequent (any five) : 10
(a) Bile Salt is added to culture media to isolate salmonella
groups of organisms.
(b) Cooked meat medium can be used to check sterility of
(c) Saturated steam is preferred over superheated steam in
process of antoclave.
(d) Discovery of antibiotic was a chance discovery.
(e) Little moisture is better than lot in gaseous sterilization.
(f) Oxygen is both beneficial and poisonous to residing
(g) Bacteria are good friends of human being.
7 (a) discuss the pathogenicity and virulence. 6
explain various methods used for attenuation of
virulence microbes.
(b) define the mechanism of phagocytosis. 4
(b) Write a note on “Transmission of infectious diseases. 4
8 (a) describe “Culture”. discuss any 1 method of 5
obtaining a pure culture.
(b) explain the role of Sir Robert Koch in the 5
development of microbiology.
9 (a) explain differential staining techniques. 5
(b) explain various kinds of microscopy. 5
10. explain in brief (any two) : 10
(a) Physical methods for the control of microbial
contamination in an industrial house.
(b) Antibiotic assay.
(c) Bacteriophages.

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