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Saurastra University 2006 B.Pharm Medicinal Chemistry - I - Question Paper

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Third Year B. Pharm. exam
March / April – 2006
Medicinal Chemistry - I
Time : three Hours] [Total Marks : 80
Instructions: (1) Attempt any 4 ques. from every part
and tie it separately.
(2) Figures to the right shows full marks.
part - I
1 discuss the subsequent statements in brief : (any ten) 10
(a) Histidine is precursor of Histamine.
(b) 5 membered heterocyclic rings are called p-excessive
(c) Electrophilic substitution reaction in pyridine ring takes
place at 3-position.
(d) Pyridine is a stronger base than pyrrole but is much
weaker base than aliphatic amine.
(e) Pyrrole is more reactive than furan.
(f) Nucleophilic substitution takes place at the 2-and 4-
position in quinoline.
(g) The main action of NSAIDs is inhibition arachidonic
acid metabolizing activity of COX.
(h) General anesthetics are used as an adjunct to surgical
(i) Benzodiazepines are the most important group among
the other Anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs and are still
in use.
(j) Fluoxetine has better efficacy than MAO inhibitor.
(k) Cetrizine is an excellent example of H
(l) Furan provide Diel’s-Alder reaction.
2 (a) explain the chemistry of pyridine. 5
(b) explain the chemistry of furan. 5
3 What do you understand by “anesthesia”. describe and classify
general and local anesthetic agents :
explain SAR among ester groups.
provide the method of synthesis of
(i) Procaine
(ii) Lignocaine
4 describe and Classify H
receptor antagonists. 10
explain SAR among them.
provide the method of synthesis of :
(i) Diphenhydramine
(ii) Cetrizine
(iii) Chlorpheniramine
5 Write a short note on any 3 of the followings : 10
(i) Eicosanoids (ii) Narcotic analgesics
(iii) Adrenergic drugs (iv) Anticonvulsants.
part - II
6 (a) provide the structural formula of the followings : 5
(i) Piperidine (ii) N-Methyl Pyrrole
(iii) Furfural (iv) 6-Bromo furoic acid
(v) 3-acetyl indole.
(b) What happens when : (write equation) 5
(i) Quinoline is treated with alkaline potassium
(ii) Indole is treated with chloroform in presence of
sodium hydroxide.
(iii) A mixture of acetylene and hydrocynic acid is
passed through a red hot tube.
(iv) Thiophene is decreased catalytically with raney nickel.
(v) Isoquinoline is decreased catalytically.
7 (a) explain the chemistry of Imidazole. 5
(b) explain the chemistry of Pyrimidine. 5
SA-6701] two [ Contd...
8 describe and classify Antipsychotic Drugs. 10
explain its mechanism of action
provide the method of synthesis of 1 drug, belonging to every
9 (a) describe and classify antidepressants. 5
explain the synthesis and mechanism of action of
(b) describe and classify hypnotics and Sedative drugs 5
explain the SAR among Barbiturates.
10 Write a short note on any 3 of the followings : 10
(a) COX-2 inhibitors
(b) Cholinergic drugs
(c) Narcotic antagonists
(d) Physicochemical parameters which affect on biological
activity of the drug.
SA-6701] three [ 100 ]

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